Spanish idioms to indicate mood

Spanish idioms to indicate mood   Here is the first part of the idioms (picture and the sentences below)     Estar herido en… No dar pie… Estar de capa… Tener un día… Pasar una… Hacer realidad… Llegar a… Dar … Continued

Very useful expressions in Spanish

very useful sentences in Spanish   ¡date prisa! Used when you want to hurry someone up, and that is the equivalent in English too. If you are running late to the cinema and your friend isn’t still where you were … Continued

Most common sentences in Spanish

Most common sentences in Spanish.   I am not going to talk you about rocket science and I bet you have listened/used some of this common sentences before, but I think it is good if you have them all in … Continued

Spanish expressions and its English equivalent

Spanish expressions and its English equivalent   Let’s start with the ones you have probably heard before. 1-Ser pan comido Literally: To be bread eaten Meaning: something is easy to do English equivalent: to be a piece of cake Example: … Continued

Best Christmas Wishes

As usual in this dates, I have made a video for you as I think is a bit more personal, hope you enjoy it.     Also I wanted to give you something apart of my season greetings so I … Continued

Spanish past tenses III

Spanish past tenses III We will have a look to the conjugations first, and see a couple of examples afterwards. PRETÉRITO PERFECTO COMPUESTO Use-We use this tense when the action is ended  but the time is not. -AR                                         -ER=IR YO                                          … Continued

Spanish past tenses II

One of the difficulties on the Spanish past tenses, apart of the conjugations, that we all know…It is…there are so many to chose from! That is why in this serie of blogs we are treating one at a time. Today … Continued

Spanish past tenses I

PRETÉRITO PERFECTO COMPUESTO We use this tense when the action is ended  but the time is not. Using this tense the temporal  markers  are important as if we are talking about  something we have done this week, we will use … Continued