How to become a better Spanish listener

  How to become a better Spanish listener   Listening skills are difficult to grasp, that is why the best way to master them is…practicing! Today I have really short clips for you, under 6 minutes, you can try and … Continued

Recetas españolas

  Hoy voy a hablar gazpacho, que aunque no es mi plato favorito, es muy popular, sobre todo en verano, y en regiones del sur, ya que el gazpacho es una especie de sopa fría, muy saludable e ideal cuando … Continued

Spanish expressions with the verb hacer

  Spanish expressions with the verb hacer   Here you have the the expressions: 1-hacer hincapié 2-hacer oídos sordos 3-hacer caso a 4-hacer la vista gorda 5-hacer un lío 6-hacer burla 7-hacer alarde 8-hacer novillos 9-hacerse mala sangre   And … Continued

Funny false friends

Funny false friends   1-Bombero: bombero opposite what you might be thinking is not someone who fights military planes, a bomber, but someone who fights with fire, as bombero is a fireman.   2-Bigote, although it look like bigot, again … Continued

Spanish idioms to indicate mood

Spanish idioms to indicate mood   Here is the first part of the idioms (picture and the sentences below)     Estar herido en… No dar pie… Estar de capa… Tener un día… Pasar una… Hacer realidad… Llegar a… Dar … Continued

Very useful expressions in Spanish

very useful sentences in Spanish   ¡date prisa! Used when you want to hurry someone up, and that is the equivalent in English too. If you are running late to the cinema and your friend isn’t still where you were … Continued