Expressions that only Spaniards understand-part I

Expressions that only Spaniards understand-part I    1-Cada palo que aguante su vela This means everyone need to carry out their job, taking full responsibility and not blaming anyone else. Imagine your co-wroker wanted to become the manager of the … Continued


“ENTREVISTA CON LOS EXPERTOS”-Episode1   So here it is…the “entrevistas con los expertos-Episode1” Enjoy it! Transcript of the interview below too, just in case 🙂 Buenos días Charlotte y gracias por estar con nosotros y compartir tu experiencia con  nosotros. … Continued

Talking about work in Spanish

TALKING ABOUT WORK IN SPANISH   So let’s start with some basic questions, an ice breaker for any conversation,  some of the most popular could be ¿En qué trabajas? Or ¿A qué te dedicas? –What do you do? ¿Desde cuándo … Continued

Spanish expressions with animals

Spanish expressions with animals   1-Ser más lento que una Tortuga As a slow as a snail/molasses I think that explains it all… Imagine you are looking after your little nephews because your sister is on holidays and you need … Continued


HOW TO WISH A HAPPY NEW YEAR IN SPANISH What do Spaniards the 31st of December? Opposite to most of the countries I know Spanish celebrate this night with family, it is a social party too, of course-we are Spanish! … Continued


I am normally behind the scenes of this blog, but I thought today would be a great day to put myself in front to say GRACIAS for this past year and to all those who havent met me yet, can … Continued

Sentences made in Spain –part II-

  Sentences made in Spain-part II-   1-No dar palo al agua-not to give a stick to the water Weird isn’t it?But… ok…you know that is not like it really means , right? We use this sentences when we are … Continued