25 common adjectives in Spanish

25 common adjectives in Spanish #Important- we are going to learn adjectives today and adjectives can change depending on the noun they go with, adjectives have gender and number, that means that all the adjectives below are in the masculine-singular … Continued

6 Spanish Slang phrases

5 Spanish Slang phrases   1-¡Qué fuerte! You might be confused if you listen to this sentences as fuerte means strong, so the literally translation of this sentences would be how strong! Pretty much, but no, we do not use … Continued

keyboard symbols in Spanish

  Keyboard symbols in Spanish   Well  first we see them I think it is need to say that laptop is pórtail in Spanish,  although in many parts of South America they call it laptop too. Also we can just … Continued

Spanish idioms with the verb “dar”

  Spanish idioms with the verb “dar”   1-Dar a luz, it is not other thing than “to give birth” If one of your friend was pregnant and she just had the baby and you are the person in charge … Continued

Useful expressions in Spanish

Useful expressions in Spanish     Of course after that introduction the first one making the list is:   1–“lo digo en serio”, which in English can be translated as “I mean it” If one of your flatmates is being … Continued

Convert English words to Spanish easily

Convert English words to Spanish easily As I said before we need to look at the endings of the English words as there are some endings which have a Spanish equivalent. Some of these endings and their Spanish equivalents are: … Continued