Spanish past tenses II

One of the difficulties on the Spanish past tenses, apart of the conjugations, that we all know…It is…there are so many to chose from! That is why in this serie of blogs we are treating one at a time. Today … Continued

Spanish past tenses I

PRETÉRITO PERFECTO COMPUESTO We use this tense when the action is ended  but the time is not. Using this tense the temporal  markers  are important as if we are talking about  something we have done this week, we will use … Continued


  We have a few with the verb “estar”, so let’s start colloquial tips for Spanish conversation with that.     1-ESTAR liado-to be busy doing something. Your friends are going to a conference and they ask you to come, … Continued

Spanish adjectives to speak as a native

  afectado/a –lleno de emoción, in English would be affected, but the meaning is a bit different La zona se vio afectada por el terremoto-the area was affected by the earthquake   ágil – vivo y fluido, in English nimble … Continued

Spanish expressions with the word death

  So some Spanish expressions with the word death might be –¡de muerte! This expression can be used in two different ways although the meaning is pretty much the same. If someone scares you you can say-“me has dado un … Continued

Entrevista con los expertos-Ep 9 Jamie Carocio

Entrevista con los expertos-Ep 9 Jamie Carocio   As always you can find the transcript of the interview below with all the links mentioned in the video.     Transcrip-   B-¡ Hola amigos! Soy Blanca de Spanish connection Edinburgh y … Continued

Spanish verbs without preposition

Spanish verbs without preposition   As I said above some Spanish verbs are not followed by a preposition at all, even though their English equivalents always require one before a dependent or related element.     1-Agradecer-to thank for Imagine … Continued

Different uses of “se” in Spanish

  Different uses of “se” in Spanish   1-“se” impersonal. It is used in guidelines, instructions, advice etc. It works as a marker for impersonal staments, when we do not want to mention the person who makes the action. Se … Continued


ENTREVISTA CON LOS EXPERTOS-Ep 8 –Mercedes Catania   Transcript-Hola amigos y amigas, soy Blanca de Spanish connection Edinburgh, y para los que no me conocéis, esto es entrevista con los expertos, es una entrevista que tenemos al final de cada … Continued