Entrevista con los expertos-episode 4

  Entrevista con los expertos-episode Transcript: Entrevista con los expertos-episode 4 below the video     Blanca- ¡Hola chicos! ¿Qué tal? Soy Blanca fundadora de Spanish connection y estoy una semana más con vosotros en entrevista con los expertos, que … Continued


HOW TO WISH A HAPPY NEW YEAR IN SPANISH What do Spaniards the 31st of December? Opposite to most of the countries I know Spanish celebrate this night with family, it is a social party too, of course-we are Spanish! … Continued


I am normally behind the scenes of this blog, but I thought today would be a great day to put myself in front to say GRACIAS for this past year and to all those who havent met me yet, can … Continued

Why you should have a Spanish friend

So first of all, before we crack on I would like to make something clear, this post does not apply to all the Spaniards, it is based on stereotypes (sometimes true) so  I would not like anyone take it personal, or … Continued

Spanish Christmas

Spanish Christmas As in every party/celebration there is always a few sentences you always hear in Christmas, and the most common ones are the ones we use to wish happy Christmas, Feliz navidad, felices fiestas, felices pascuas are some of … Continued

Spanish hits list

Hola amigos ¿Cómo estáis? I guess if you are reading read you are a music freak and you love the Spanish language, or at least its music, am I right? So here you are, after a lot of research and … Continued

Spanish summer drinks

Spanish summer drinks In this blog you will find what Spanish people drink during summer, so next time you are on holidays you will not be surprise about some of the strange combinations we can make…and also there are not … Continued


What is Iberodocs? Iberodocs is an ibero-american film festival, that took place for the first year, in 2014 in Edinburgh, this year, Iberodocs 2 is going to Glasgow as well. It is a full weekend  in which you can enjoy cinema, … Continued

Spanish music.

I always say listening to Spanish music is a great way to improve your Spanish, because even when you think you can understand a word, your brain makes connections and starts getting the meaning of things what is amazing because … Continued