10 meanings of the verb “poner”-parte 2 10 meanings of the verb “poner”-parte 2 Sometimes words in Spanish can have several meanings, I think the verb poner is if not the winner one of them, are you ready to find out all its meaning.

Earlier on this year I wrote a blog regarding the verb poner and 10 different meanings, you can re-read to refresh the knowledge or read it for the first time here http://spanishconnectionedinburgh.co.uk/10-meanings-verb-poner-spanish/ well, that was not all, that is why I am here today with another round, with another 10 meanings of the verb “poner” as poner is one of those complex verbs which can be use with so many different meanings, depending on the context, I do not want to get you crazy, you do not need to memorise them all, I just want you to have a wide knowledge of the verb in case you hear it in a different context you are use to so you do not freak up and look like a total learner…and can still look cool while trying to figure it out why the hell they used poner in that sentences!

So here we go


10 meanings of the verb “poner”-parte 2


1-To put someone to work because the person can’t a  make a decision


Like when you finish uni and you do not know where to work and your dad let you work for him, you can explain

Cuando acabé la Universidad mi padre me pusó a trabajar con él

When I finish university my father made my work with him

It can be in a good way, like someone gives you a hand or in a bad way if they do not give you a choice.


2-As well in the work context can be used as set up or start up a business.


To set up or to install

The same case that below, you and your friends finished uni and your father made you work for him but your friends decided to open up a bar.

Mis amigos pusieron un bar al acabar la Universidad

My friends started up a bar when they finished Uni.

-note: we also can use montar as a synonymous of poner.


3-When you support or stand up for someone


If your friend is having an argument with the boss and you stand up for him, even when your boss does not like it, you could say after

Me debes una, me he puesto de tu parte y me va a salir caro

You owe me one, I standed up for you, I am going to pay for it

And it is normal too in a relationship one of them asking to the other

¿Por qué nunca te pones de mi parte?

Why you never stand up for me?


4-To bet


When you are betting an amount of money you can say, imagine an evening in the casino with your friends, you feel like gambling to red, you can say:

Pongo £5 a color rojo. –I bet £5 to the colour red


5-To put on


If your mother is reading and you want to put the tv on you better ask..

¿Te molesta si pongo la tele?

Do you mind if I switch the tv on?


6-To put something on/to apply


If you are reading the instructions of a face mask, you will probably see

Pon la mascarilla sobre la cara

Put/Apply the mask on your face


7-To give a nickname to someone


Mi profesora de latín se llamaba Erica, pero le hemos puesto “la mosca”

My latin teacher’s name is Erica , but we call her “la mosca”

Many time we used to as give someone a name

Mi hermana ha tenido una hija y le ha puesto Barbara

My sister has had a daughter and she has named her Barbara


8-When something is on tv, or on the cinemas we can say


¿Qué ponen hoy en la tele?

What is it on on tv today?


9-To collaborate into a project,


Imagine you are having a party and you are organizing it with your friends, you could distribute task saying

Yo pongo la música, María poner la comida, ¿y el resto?

I am going to put if the music, María puts the food, and the rest of you?

In this case poner has a very similar meaning to “to be in charge”


10-To put something into something or you leave it exposed


If you are explaining your friend how to taste Spanish ham you can say them

Antes de comer el jamón lo pones a secar

Before you eat the ham you leave it to dry

Or if you want to know how to cook paella you could tell

Pones el arroz y el azafrán en la paellera

You put the rice and the saffron into the pan.



That is all my friends, what are your thoughts? Impressive with the verb “poner”?


I have done my part now it is your turn, leave a comment below and let me know


-What are your thoughts about “poner”?

-Did you learn something new in this blog?

-Did you know a verb could have so many meaning?

-Which is the meaning of “poder” that has surprised you the most?

-Have you ever used the verb “poner” with any of these meanings?

Looking forward to reading you, and also before you leave I would love to give you some homework, so you can practice, because as you know, practice makes perfection , leave a comment below using  the verb “poner” in any of its different meanings, it might seem like something insignificant, but I promise it will make a difference in your learning, game on!


Have a good day and I will write you soon.


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