16 SPANISH QUESTIONS YOU NEED TO KNOW I think questions are so important because many, conversations, if not all of them start with a question.


Now, if you are just starting with Spanish and you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all and thinking as you read this, I have enough trying to figure out how normal sentences work…I don’t want to know about making  questions.

Well  that is why I today I have decided to give you some Spanish questions you need to know, straight from the gate, and I won’t give you the grammar or anything like that, just the questions, so you can start meeting Spanish people straight away.

So if this sounds good to you let’s see them




In the video below I give you 16 Spanish questions you need to know to start a conversation, we are going to divide the questions in three blocks:

-General questions (introductory questions),very basics, you can ask anyone.

-Personal questions (not very personal) but the answers to the questions in this block give away a bit more personal info, they are not as generic as the general questions block.

-Useful questions, questions you might want to ask when you are travelling for example.

Do you have your pen and paper?  Then…Have a watch here! (please click either the word here or the link to watch the video, no the picture)


Also if you want to keep this questions near you ( I will highly recommend you to do so) I have created a printable version so you can have a look whenever  you want, in your way to work, when relaxing at the couch at home etc… You can download the pdf for this lesson here.






Now it is your turn, leave a comment below with the answer to one of the questions above and…leave a question so the next person can answer to that one question.

I hope you enjoy this mini lesson, enjoy your day and I will see you soon.

¡ Buen día! ¡ Y hasta pronto!




  1. Dan

    Why do we say ¿Qué te gusta hacer? and not ¿Qué te gustas hacer?

    • blancadt

      Good question Dan. Because the verb “gustar” work in a different way. It only has two conjugations, gusta (if we like something that is singular) or gustan (if we like something plural). And the (me, te, le, nos, os, les) give us the person that likes the thing(s), we don use “yo, tú,etc…when using gustar neither.We translate the verb gustar as to like as it is the verb we would use in English but the literal translation would be to please. So ¿qué te gusta hacer? Really means what thing pleases you? Kind of…It is a very complex answer to reply by written but I hope it makes sense.


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