2 for 1-Spanish words that change meaning when changing the gender

This blog is a 2 for 1 as you will learn one word with two different meanings, you just need to change the changer of them.

A few weeks ago I wrote about some words with two different meanings, but in that blog, which you can find here https://spanishconnectionedinburgh.co.uk/spanish-words-with-two-english-equivalents/ , the gender of the words what the same, for example one of those words was la hoja, feminine singular which means both the leaf and the paper sheet.

Today’s words are a bit different because they change the meaning but they also change the gender.

2 for 1-Spanish words that change meaning when changing the gender


El cometa is the star moving quickly (or I think so, I can’t think about a better way to describe it.  comet

La cometa, is the toy that people fly on a windy day,  kite.


El cuento is a children’s book, a tale while la cuenta is the paper we get after we have lunch in a restaurant and it is tiem to pay, the bill.


El plato is t he object we use to have food from, a plate, but la plata is the element, the silver, and in some Spanish speaking countries also means money.


While el foco is a direct light to something, a spotlight, la foca is the animal that normally plays with a ball in the circus, a seal.


El barro is the material that we get when we mix soil and water, mud, and la barra is the place where we order drinks at the bar, the actual bar.


El cero is the number zero, and la cera is the thing we use to wax or to made candles, wax.

Eso es, that is it! But we are not done yet, because now, we have the most important part, your turn! Leave a comment and let me know:

-Do you know any other Spanish words that change their meaning when you change their gender?

-Did you know the double meaning of the words I mentioned today?

-What is it your favourite?

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