Why do we Spanish speakers say “Salud”?

Why did Salud become a popular toast? There is not quite clear but the theories are quite interesting, let’s have a look It seems that the origin comes from the old times, when greeks and romans ran the world, at … Continued

What does “Tener ganas” mean?

Tell me you havent asked yourself how could you say I am looking forward to in Spanihs!!You will have your answer. I have chosen¬†¬†this sentences as it is common in the Spanish language, but funny enough it does not have … Continued


Different ways to celebrate Carnaval Carnaval in Spain, it is usually for 3 days, apart for the festival in Tenerife (Canary Island) that is known as the second biggest just behind Brazil, the Carnaval there last a week and it … Continued