Spanish courses in Edinburgh

Spanish courses in Edinburgh will run 2 hours every week for 10 weeks,  you will finish just on time for your holidays so you can practice all the things learnt, we have a wide timetable, have a look and choose … Continued

Spanish workshops for children in Edinburgh

The Spanish workshops for children in Edinburgh will be fun, entertaining and is a good way to new more people, for you parents in your same position you are and for your kids it might be a long term friend who they … Continued

How to make Spanish omelette

Spain is known as a country where the food is delicious, and it is right, I could spent hours talking about all the brilliant dishes we have in Spain…some of them you will find peculiar or quirky as octopus but you should … Continued

Spanish style is IN!

Today I was having a look on internet about trends for this summer as lately fashion weeks has been everywhere I looked at…my snapchat, the news, my favourite blogs so I decided to dive and see if by any chance … Continued