Check your Spanish level you just need to put your name and you email address and ta da!Ready to check, and if you do not get it it will give you the right answer so you can learn. So I just want to grab … Continued

Spanish connection around the world

Spanish connection loves travelling so do you!Travelling is always a great fun, good way to meet new and interesting people, to get engaged with cultures, try different adventures…Travelling makes you grow as a person and teach you to see the … Continued

Iberodocs2-Edinburgh film’s festival

IBERODOCS2- A lot of you would be asking what is Iberodocs?Iberodocs2 is a film festival based in Edinburgh, last year, 2014 was its first edition and this 2015 Iberodocs2 is going to be in Glasgow as well!Iberodocs try to show … Continued

Spanish connection is on pinterest

Spanish connection is trend   We all love social media these days, it is a way to stay in touch with your people, and Spanish connection is on pinterest now, we just found recently about it, and we love it, … Continued

Feria de Abril

Feria de abril La feria de abril, takes place in the neighbour of “los Remedios” in Seville and it is a fair with rides and huts, during 5 days the city stops and it is all about celebration. La feria … Continued

Spanish learning tips

Spanish learning tips First of all,that even when it sounds basics a lot of people do not have it on mind…you need to be keen to learn Spanish, you can just go with a first thought, as it would be … Continued

Why do we like Fridays?

Everyone loves Friday, we think about the Friday even before it comes…I remember yesterday I asked my students  ¿Qué tal estáis? “how are you?” and most of them answered back with a “cansados” which means tired but they also said … Continued

The origins of the Margarita cocktail

Good I got you reading…so apart of an alcoholic you are a curious person too, glad to check that Ok first of all you would like to know what is Margarita made of, probably most of you know, but just … Continued

affectionate Spanish words

I love you (care for you): Te quiero I love you (more serious): Te amo I (female) am in love: Estoy enamorada de ti I (male) am in love: Estoy enamorado de ti You are beautiful (to a female): Eres … Continued

Spanish language in numbers

Spanish language in numbers around the world -more than 540 million people around the planet can speak Spanish -Spanish is the mother tongue of almost 470 million people (2nd mother tongue, per number of habitants) -second language most use in … Continued