Spanish idioms

Today tho I am not going to talk about difficult Spanish idioms, just one to come to my head today in one of my lesson when I was saying buy and enjoy the…bridge!!All most students looked at me as…are you … Continued

Spanish prepositions

Spanish prepositions Probably if you have been studying Spanish for a while you already hate them, if you haven’t read and you might not need to fight with learning prepositions so hard.:) Prepositions Preposition “A” We use “A ” -mainly … Continued


What is Iberodocs? Iberodocs is an ibero-american film festival, that took place for the first year, in 2014 in Edinburgh, this year, Iberodocs 2 is going to Glasgow as well. It is a full weekend  in which you can enjoy cinema, … Continued

How do you say it in Spanish?

idioms Spanish idioms, are difficult to explain, most of the times and they are quite specific and most of the times they do not mean what they seem to mean…so the best thing to explain it is through a situation … Continued

Spanish courses in Edinburgh

Spanish courses Spanish connection has great news, it is starting new Spanish courses in Edinburgh, the timetable is available in our courses’ page we have a wide range of courses and times so you can choose the one which suits you … Continued

Spanish alphabet

  Spanish alphabet As I said before the first step to become fluent in Spanish is know the “abecedario”, that is not that hard, as the written letter you probably know from your own languages, you would need to practice … Continued

Spanish music.

I always say listening to Spanish music is a great way to improve your Spanish, because even when you think you can understand a word, your brain makes connections and starts getting the meaning of things what is amazing because … Continued