Spanish expressions with TENER

Hola amigos, Today we are going to learn some Spanish expressions with tener that can make most of Spanish language learners confused, as in many times english speakers use the verb to be, that in Spanish is the famous SER/ESTAR … Continued

Spanish idioms with body parts

Spanish idioms with body parts I am not you are looking forward to learning something new so here we go 1-Tener a alguien entre ceja y ceja It is quite difficult to explain it in English but it is so … Continued

Travelling the world

travelling the world I am pasionated about travelling and I think everyone should as you learn so many things, you grow as a person seeing the world from a different point of view, getting to know people and their culture…it … Continued

Spanish idioms with the word tongue

Well you know my obsession with Spanish idioms, I simply love them, so I though I will write about a simple word which you can use it in so many different contexts, that word is tongue as our title said … Continued

What does vergüenza mean in Spanish?

vergüenza First question to ask is…what does vergüenza mean in Spanish?, as I am sure you have heard this word so many times as itis quite common, either on its own or in idioms. vergüenza, is a word which means embarrassment … Continued