Spanish hits list

Hola amigos ¿Cómo estáis? I guess if you are reading read you are a music freak and you love the Spanish language, or at least its music, am I right? So here you are, after a lot of research and … Continued

Spanish idioms

I like Spanish idioms because  I think using some idioms can make you look like a real language expert, even if the idioms are few of the things you know. So let’s fill your knowledge with some Spanish idioms, the theme for … Continued

Spanish summer drinks

Spanish summer drinks In this blog you will find what Spanish people drink during summer, so next time you are on holidays you will not be surprise about some of the strange combinations we can make…and also there are not … Continued

Translation fails

  translation fails The first one, if you visit Mcdonnals in Spain you might be surprise they say to you when you leave “thanks for calling…”strange when you have not order a take away, you have walked into their shop…what … Continued