Spanish swear words

6 Spanish swear words I know is not really polite, but in like many other languages swear words, four-letters words, bad language is a big part of the Spanish learning. In Spain we called them “palabrotas”, or if you want … Continued

Why Spanish is like dating

Why Spanish is like dating   And one of my friend would say why not?I am gonna be a bit more specific here and give you 9 points where I will show you how similar are learning a language and dating. … Continued

Saber versus conocer

SABER VERSUS CONOCER Often I find confused students, asking themselves when to use saber and when to used conocer, that why I thought about call my blog saber versus conocer 🙂 and if you are one of these people, whom … Continued

Spanish trips and something else

I think you all know by now how much I love Spanish idioms, so I thought to write a quick entry “spanish trips and something else” to say hello!I am back…(checkedJ) and of course to give you something to use/practice … Continued