Spanish Christmas

Spanish Christmas As in every party/celebration there is always a few sentences you always hear in Christmas, and the most common ones are the ones we use to wish happy Christmas, Feliz navidad, felices fiestas, felices pascuas are some of … Continued

10 ways to say YES in Spanish

Imagine you would not be able to use the word “Sí” in Spanish, are you entering in your panic area just thinking about it? Sometimes we never pay attention about something so basic as say yes, in a different way can … Continued

Spanish Past tenses II

  One of the difficulties on the Spanish past tenses, apart of the conjugations, that we all know…It is there are so many that is why in this series of blogs we are treating one at a time. today is … Continued

Past tenses in Spanish part I

Past tenses in Spanish part I   I think a lot of Spanish learners struggle to get the past tense right. Most of the time, a lot of my students ask me if they just used the right tense when … Continued