How to tell a story in Spanish

How to tell a story in Spanish, As a teacher (a nosey one) I am I often find myself asking my students to describe things, and if I don’t, usually are my students the ones whom want to tell me … Continued

10 different uses of venga

10 different uses of venga Venga, venga, venga….always heard but…does it actually have a meaning?Or is it just a made up word that Spanish people use to get you (Spanish learners) crazy? Well….good and bad news,venga does have a meaning … Continued

Have a Spanish valentines

  Hey hey if you are single and you are thinking it is not for you keep reading! There are some magical flirting sentences below, you can use when you know your “other Spanish half” LOVE SENTENCES TO HAVE A … Continued

Different Spanish Farewells

Different Spanish farewells   It is important that you know them because even when you were not planning to use them anytime soon, people you cross might, and trust me you would like to know what they are saying so … Continued