The 13 funniest Spanish idioms

So let’s dive in the 13 funniest Spanish idioms we will learn today 🙂 1-“Estar hasta en la sopa” –To be even in the soup” We use this expressions  when someone or something is everywhere, you know when suddenly you … Continued

Spanish fixed phrases

12 (+1) Spanish fixed phrases   1-!Qué pena!-What a shame! When we are disappointed about something, as someone can’t make it to one of our parties, it is a typical wildcard to use, or when someone is telling us something … Continued

9 Spanish idioms with the word hair

9 Spanish idioms with the word hair   1-SOLTARSE EL PELO When someone is stressed about something or needs to break the routine you will advice them to do something wild, “soltarse el pelo”, “let themshelves go” 2-PONÉRSELE  LOS PELOS … Continued

7 English-Spanish false friends

When learning a new language and finding new words similar to the ones you use in your native language you might think that is a good thing and you will probably test a lot of words trying it will work … Continued