Spanish expressions which mention other countries

Spanish expressions which mentions other countries   -Cabeza de turco– Turkish head In English…”to be the scapegoats”, we could use it in several context, always that there is someone who blame but it is not the real responsible for the … Continued

Spanish phrasal verbs

  Spanish phrasal verbs   1-Dejar de Meaning: to fail to, to stop, to neglect to. Some cases you can use it : -Estoy muy contenta, he dejado de fumar y me siento genial- “I am very happy I stopped smoking … Continued

How English sayings sound in Spanish

How English sayings  sound in Spanish First of all, let me explain you what a saying is, in Spain we called them in different ways, all meaning the same, “expresiones, refranes, dichos…” they all are known as part of the  … Continued