Before starting seeing these interjections keep in mind that I am giving you the interjections and a sentences after that so you get a better understanding of the meaning and how to use them, but many times you can use … Continued

Spanish tongue twister

  So I thought tongue twisters would be of great help as you can practice listening and pronunciation, but for this to happen you need to put a little but from your side too: I have done my part, I … Continued

Spanish sentences and where they come from II

  Spanish sentences and where they come from   1-Otro gallo cantarĂ­a, things would be different   It is quite popular coming from grandmothers to let us know that things might be different if…. Where do this expression come from? … Continued

Golden Spanish phrases

  Golden Spanish phrases   Que you recuerde-as far as I remember   Que yo sepa-as far as I know   Cueste lo que cueste-whatever the cost   Pase lo que pase-whatever happens   Sea lo que sea-be that as … Continued