Spanish expressions about lifestyle

Spanish expressions about lifestyle   You can also watch the video for this lesson here:   Vivir a cuerpo de rey  and Darse la buena vida   They both means pretty much the same: to live like a King, to … Continued

Exclamatory phrases in Spanish!

    Exclamatory phrases in Spanish   ¡Qué barbaridad!                   How awful! ( What a barbarity!)   ¡Qué bonito!                          How beautiful!   ¡Qué raro!                              How weird!   ¡Qué fastidio!                         What a nuisance!   ¡Qué mierda!                          What a crap!   … Continued

Spanish words with no direct English translation

Spanish words with no direct English translation     If you prefer watch the video lessons instead of reading it, just click here –>   1- TRASNOCHAR – to stay up late When you go out with friends you probably … Continued