25 common adjectives in Spanish This blog is specially useful if you are starting your Spanish language journey, as it will be some vocabulary you can use to describe, people, things, distances …

But…if you are advance in your Spanish language journey, do  not ignore this blog, it will be a refresher of some useful adjectives you can use in your descriptions.

As well I have recorded a video with all the adjectives, so you can double check the pronunciation and in the video I give different examples for each adjective, so it might be fun to try and understand them and trying to make sense of the sentences.

So today is vocabulary time, grab a notebook and have  a look to the video to learn 25 common adjectives in Spanish and then come back to the blog so you can review them and find new sentences.


25 common adjectives in Spanish

#Important- we are going to learn adjectives today and adjectives can change depending on the noun they go with, adjectives have gender and number, that means that all the adjectives below are in the masculine-singular form, but if the noun they go with is feminine we will need to make them feminine, same if they go with a plural noun, they will change according the gender and number rules.
That said, let’s have a look to the adjectives:

You can have a look to the video, but do not stop reading, as you will get more examples on how to use the adjectives


1- FÁCILeasy

Hablar español es fácil  Learning Spanish is easy
Hacer la tarea de español es fácil Doing Spanish homework is easy
Dibujar un perro es fácil Drawing a dog is easy


2- DIFÍCILdifficult

Recordar palabras es difícil Remember words is difficult
Cocinar paella es difícil Cooking paella is difficult
Entender japonés es difícil para mí Understanding Japanese is difficult for me

#cuidado– don’t confuse difícil (difficult) with dificultad (difficulty)
Something difícil tiene dificultad, something difficult has difficulties, but they are not the same.


3- GRANDEbig/large

Navidad en España es una fiesta grande Christmas in Spain is a big party
El jardín de mis amigos es muy grande My friend’s garden is very big
El libro de gramática es muy grande The grammar book is very big


4- PEQUEÑO –small

Mi coche es pequeño My car is small
Este plato es muy pequeño para mí This dish is very small for me
El vestido me queda pequeño The dress is small for me


5- JOVEN-young

Todos dicen que mi abuela para muy joven Everyone says my granny looks very young
Me gustaría ser joven eternamente I would like to be forever young
Mi prima más joven es una rebelde My youngest cousin is a rebel


6- VIEJO-old

Parece más viejo porque no se cuida nada He looks much older because he does not take of himself
Esta chaqueta es muy vieja This jacket is very old
La canción que cantas es muy vieja The song you are singing is very old


7- NUEVOnew

Mi ordenador nuevo funciona genial My new laptop works great
Esta chaqueta es muy vieja, necesito una nueva This jacket is very old, I need a new one
¿Qué tal te va en tu nuevo trabajo? How is it going in your new job?


8- BUENO-good

Este libro es muy bueno This book is very good
Miguel es un amigo bueno Miguel is a good friend
El tiempo aquí es bueno The weather here is good


9- MALO-bad

El alcohol es malo para la salud Alcohol is bad for the health
El villano de la película es muy malo The villain from that movie is really bad
Creo que es una mala idea I think is a bad idea


10- POCO-a little bit

Quiero un poco de queso I want a little bit of cheese
Comes muy poco You eat too little
Tengo un poco de frío I am a little bit cold


11- MUCHOa lot

Este verano ha hecho mucho calor This summer has been very warm
Me gustaría tener mucho tiempo libre I would like to have a lot of free time
He cocinado mucha comida I have cooked a lot of food


12- CLAROclear

¿Está claro? Is it clear?
Hoy el día está muy claro, no hay nubes Today is very clear day, there is not clouds
Está muy claro lo que quiere decir It is really clear what he means


13- OSCUROdark


Ven al lado oscuro Come to the dark side
El bosque por la noche está muy oscuro The forest at night is very dark
Su pelo es muy oscuro Her hair is very dark


14- IMPORTANTE-important

Escuchar es muy importante para aprender una lengua listening is very important to learn a language

Mi familia es muy importante para mi My family is very important to me

Es importante que prestes atención It is important that you pay attention


15- LIBREfree/available

¿Estás libre esta tarde? Are you free this afternoon?
Eres libre de hacer lo que te de la gana You are free to do whatever you want
¿Tienes una habitación libre? Do you have a room available?


16- ALTOtall/high

El edificio es muy alto The building is very high
El precio del marisco está muy alto Seafood’s price is very high
Paloma siempre ha sido la más alta de su clase Paloma has always been the tallest of her class



La televisión está muy baja The tv is very low
El techo es muy bajo The ceiling is very low
Joaquín es muy bajo para su edad Joaquín is very short for his age



No quiero andar muy lejos I don’t want to walk very far
La casa de mis padres está muy lejos My parents house is very far
¿Está lejos la Universidad? Is the university far?



Cerca de mi casa hay un parque There is a park near my house
Podemos andar allí, está muy cerca We can walk there, it is very near
El colegio está cerca de mi trabajo The school is close to my work



Eso que dices es muy interesante That you are saying is very interesting
Aprender sobre otras culturas es interesante Learning about other cultures is interesting
Sería interesante saber la historia de la ciudad It would be interesting to learn the history of the city



Jugar al golf es aburrido para mi Playing golf is boring for me
Mi profesora de matemáticas era muy aburrida My maths’ teacher was very boring
Limpiar es aburrido Cleaning is boring



Me gustan los vestidos largos I like long dresses
El viaje fue muy largo The trip was very long
El nuevo puente es muy largo The new bridge is very long


23-CORTOshort (only for things or objects, no people, for people who use bajo)

El fin de semana es muy corto The weekend is very short
Tienes que escribir un texto corto You have to write a short text
Me gustan las clases cortas I like short classes



Mi habitación nunca está limpia según mi madre Mi room is never clean according to my mother
El suelo de su cocina está muy limpio Their kitchen floor is very clean
Mi ropa para la boda está limpia y preparada My clothes for the wedding are clean and ready



Las calles están muy sucias The streets are very dirty
Los niños siempre están sucios Kids are always dirty
Mi pelo está sucio. My hair is dirty



That is all amigos, some adjectives you can start using in your conversations.

You know, as I always say that practice makes perfect, so what about a little bit of practice? Leave a comment below with a sentences using one of the adjectives from above you have learned. Extra points if you use more than one in the sentence.
And before we part ways today one more thing, I will be forever grateful if you would share this blog with someone you know that could benefit from it.


Gracias for taking the time to read and I will write to you next week!



¡Hasta la vista!



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