3+2 Spanish sayings about the weather Let's be honest everyone talk about the weather, so you might want to know these 3 + 2 Spanish idioms about the weather, they will come handy.

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¿Qué pasa? I hope you keep well and still keen to learn something useful in Spanish, I bet you are as you are here, so let me introduce what I will be talking/writing today, how I decided I decided it and the difficulties I have in the first place.


Firts things, first, I came up with this topic when I stopped and realized about the Scottish weather (who would have though, right? Shitty weather can bring many good things too :)) so, one morning this week I walked to the gym early in the morning and it was really foggy, but I did not mind actually I enjoyed it, as there has not been fog this year in Edinburgh, and surprised me that closer to spring as we are, we got foggy that day, but straight away a Spanish saying came to my mind, it was “mañanas de niebla tardes de paseo” – “foggy mornings, evenings for walking”, and it made me happy why?Because spring is coming and I could feel it as it just works that way….everytime you get a foggy morning, the end of the day will be nice, promise, (check it out next time you wake up and see fog) and exactly the same happened that day the evening was lovely (as lovely as can be in Scotland anyway), so that was my +1 saying 🙂

Mañanas de niebla tardes de paseo2

WATCH OUT-keep in mind this one just applies when the fog is in the morning, if it is during the day does not count.


So I thought hey! Good topic to write about, because sayings are quite popular in Spain and since I live in Scotland, the weather is in every single conversation 🙂


So far so good, I got my topic I could share with you and they say….ok in Spanish we call these sayings “refranes” but how should I name my post in English, so I started a research and it seems English people sometimes call them proverbs…so I got into an internal debate, and I found this…

Proverbs have a philosophic note and they were said for someone known while sayings are more popular, and even when all the proverbs are sayings, not all the sayings are proverbs, that is why I decided to title this entry “saying”, also this gave me a bit clue,

Como dice el refrán….as the saying goes…

Good you know how I ended up talking about sayings and weather so now it is time to get practical here, grab your notebook and pen and get ready to learn some “refranes”

3+2 Spanish sayings about the weather

3 +2 Spanish sayings


1-Cielo estrellado a los dos días mojado,

Cielo estrelladoa los dos días mojado2

“Sky with stars, will bring rain in two day”, who does not like look at the stars at night( more in a summer night) well….when you enjoy that and it was a particular night with lots of stars, probably someone will ruin the moment trying to be “the forecast man”, and the worse thing….they will be right, check it, lots of stars one night and two days later rain….quaranteed at 85% of the times.

2-En abril aguas mil,

En abril aguas mil2

“ In April thousand of water” usually April is a rainy month, and even when some Spanish will moan, other will remind them that that is what happen in that month, not reason to panic..it is just life

3-Marzo ventoso, abril lluvioso, sacan a mayo florido y hermoso,

“windy March, wet April will take us to a beautiful and flowery May,” it sounds topic and like another saying in order to not get too upset when the weather in March and April gets a bit “nasty”, but it is a cheked one J if those two months are like they are supposed to be (windy and wet) we will have a beautiful month in May that will mark the beginning of the summer.

I do not know if these saying will applying in other countries but I would love to know (leave a comment below) letting us know if they work for your country too J

And the last one it is not quite accurate for weather forecast…but talks about weather too, so that is my + 2

Solo nos acordamos de Santa Bárbara cuando truena, “We just think about Santa Barbara when there is thunderstorm”,

Solo nos acordamosde Santa Bárbaracuando truena

ok that is a bit of a traditional one, Santa Bárbara is the saint who protect us againts storms and thunders, and the only time people think about her is one there is storm. So even when it is weather related the actual meaning of this one is that you just think about someone when we need something from them (sad, but truth, at least for some people).



Easy today, just leave a comment below, (as like usual I would love to hear from you), do you know any other sayings (in Spanish or in your language) about weather, did you know these ones? Which one is your favourite?

And as usual I encourage you to use them as much as possible, you do not have an excuse, as they talk about weather, and we are in contact with the weather daily J so come on, if you do not use it in your conversations at least think about them 🙂

I hope you enjoy and learn heaps J , or just something new as another Spanish saying goes….

“Nunca te acostarás sin saber una cosa más” what means…you will never go to bed not learning something new, or what is the same, “you learn something new everyday” do you agree?

If you enjoy this please spread the word, your friends (and I ) will appreciate it J

!Feliz día!

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