3 tips to improve your Spanish pronunciation When you learn Spanish, or any other language, a lot of times pronunciation is something to slip, then you realize how important actually is and you want to improve it.

Recently I have heard the same complain among Spanish students, they are not happy with their Spanish pronunciation, I recently did a poll in instagram, if you are not follow me, you totally should 🙂  www.instragram.com/spanishwithblanca and 85% of the people who answered said they were not happy with their Spanish pronunciation,  are you one of that percentage? Honestly, I do not know what might be the cause, if it is a real cause, or it is just that negative thoughts we all have (unfortunately) , but the truth is,  to be able to speak and improve in a language you need to feel comfortable when you speak it, that is why today I have 3 suggestions that  and one hack that will improve your Spanish pronunciation.



And also I would love to share something with you, before we start, either if you are a beginner and thinking to learn Spanish or you are a master looking to improve your pronunciation so you can speak confidently I want to invite you to a FREE 4 day Spanish pronunciation challenge. Yes, I have seen pronunciation is a big barrier in the Spanish students way, as if you do not feel comfortable and confident speaking Spanish, you probably won’t speak, or you won’t speak that often as you could.


So I want to help you, if you are a beginner you will hit the floor running, and if you have been studying Spanish for a while you will boost your confidence. Does it sound good? The challenge starts the 19th of March and to take part on it, you need to sign up, you can do so here –>   https://blancadelatorre.kartra.com/page/itz80


I really hope you join me in this challenge, regardless of your level, it is going to be so much fun, but even if you decide to pass, you can still keep reading this blog and find out 3 tips to improve your Spanish pronunciation.


3 tips to improve your Spanish pronunciation


Pronunciation is important as you want people you talk to be able to understand you, there are few things more discouraging than spending hours studying a language and once you have the chance to communicate with someone in real life they are not able to understand what you are saying…Do not worry I am here to avoid that happening to you.


And also I have seen people with good accent, in other words good pronunciation being more confident and being able to communicate better than other people, even when they did not have the best grammar.


1-Listen, before you start speaking you need to get familiar with the way Spanish speak, if you are listening an audio, listen to it several times. Try to practice with slower audios as if the audio is too fast you won’t be able to hear the syllables properly.


2-Repeat, and I mean it! When you are listening something, don’t just repeat once and move on, repeat as many times as you need until you are comfortable with the words. I recommend a minimum of three times.


3-Record yourself speaking in Spanish if you could have a native speaking giving you feedback would be awesome, but it is not necessary, you can always listening to your audio and compare it with original one. Take note of the differences and work on improving your pronunciation to closely match the native recording.


An amazing way to practice all these three tips is listening to music! Pick a Spanish sound, make sure you got the lyrics for it and listening to it once and again, do not try to repeat the lyrics straight away, that will create confusion and disappointed and you won’t be familiarize with the lyrics yet. After a few times, you can start only focusing on the chorus, they are always easier as they repeat several times,  then you will be ready to go, start reading/singing the lyrics at the same time, after a few times you could try and record yourself to see how you are doing, or where to improve.


I leave you some suggestions that are a good fit for practicing this exercise.



So these are my 3 tips to improve your Spanish pronunciation,  now it is your turn, come over to the comments and let me know:


-from 0 (being not confident at all) to 10 (very confident) where do you  think you stand with your Spanish pronunciation?


-are you going to join me for the FREE 4 days Spanish pronunciation challenge? You can join here https://blancadelatorre.kartra.com/page/itz80  you totally should! It is going to be epic!


-have your pronunciation ever stopped you from speaking Spanish?


-have you ever practice your Spanish pronunciation with songs?



Looking forward to hearing from you



With love and lots of excitement waiting for the challenge!



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