4 different forms of porque

You might be very surprised, or you might also think that I am crazy, 4 different forms of porque!!

Today I am talking about the 4 different ways of porque, that it sounds like a lot, but honestly they are very easy when you know them, and also…I would dare to say you already know, or at least are familiar with 2 of them, which will make today’s blog even easier, and a very short one 😊

Next month is the DELE exam, which is a Spanish level certification you can take, and these 4 different words can be very helpful in the writing part on one of the reading tasks.

Of course although if you are taking the test this will help, you don’t need to be taking the test to find this helpful/useful. So if you are ready let’s dive in…

4 different forms of porque

We are going to start with the 2 you most likely to known.

1-¿por qué?

Two words, in questions and with “tilde” on top of the “e” , means why and we use it to ask questions, when we want to know the reason for something.

For example

¿por qué no viniste a la fiesta el sábado? – why did you not come to the party on Saturday?

¿por qué estudias español?-why do you study Spanish?


One Word, not “tildes”, means because, and we use it to explain the reason of something, like answering to the questions from number 1 we could say

-porque quería estudiar español.-Because I wanted to learn Spanish

-estudio español porque quiero vivir en España.-I study Spanish because I want t olive in Spain.

Ok, let’s move on to the next level.

3-(el) porqué

One Word with “tilde” on the letter “e”, and it normally goes with “el” in front of it. It means the reason, and we can use “la razón” instead, so you can recognize it if you could use “la razón” instead of “porqué”.


El porqué de mi llamada es saber como estás, if you see we could also say la razón de mi llamada es saber como estás – the reason of my call is to know how you are

Or like I say to my students all the time when they are doing exercises,

Elige la respuesta correcta y dime el porqué- Choose the right answer and tell me the reason.

4-por que

Two words, no “tilde” , this form is not very used (good news, as it is the most difficult to grasp), it means for which, and we normally use it with “lo, la, el” in the between, example por (lo/la/el) que

La razón por la que no fui a la fiesta fue porque tenía que estudiar, the la in between refers to “la razón” –The reason for which I did not go to the party was I had to study.

El curso por el que me decidí fue el de BarcelonaThe course for which I went for it was the one In Barcelona.

As you can see if not a very common structure in English either.

And that is it, now I want you to leave a comment:

-letting me know if you knew these 4 different forms of porque -and with one sentence using at least one of the forms above. EXTRA POINTS if you use number 3 porqué or number 4 por que 🙂

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Now yes, it is time to say farewells 😊

Ten una semana fantástica y hablamos la próxima

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