4 slang words from Spain

It is time for a new blog, and this blog is all about words, in particular it is all about 4 slang words from Spain

Before we go in to today’s lesson, a quick disclaimer-* slang is very specific to a country and even within the same country different regions have different slang words for the same thing, as usual in  my videos I am taking about Spain, as it is the I know and the slang words for the video are known and used in all the Spanish territory 🙂

That’s been said, we can dive in to the content.

4 slang words from Spain


Sobar is the slang word for dormir, which in English is “to sleep”

For example late at night you are ready for bed and you can tell your flatmates  no hagáis mucho ruido que voy a sobar- don’t make noise I am going to sleep

This slang verb also created an adjective “sobado” which mean asleep or a bit distracted.


sobado meaning asleep

If you call one of your friends early on a Sunday and he doesn’t pick up the phone, when he eventually does and you ask him why he didn’t pick up the phone before he could say;

Estaba sobado y no lo he escuchado – I was asleep and I didn’t listen it ring

-sobado meaning distracted

 If you feel one of your friend is not really paying attention to what you are saying you could say

¿Me estás escuchando? ¡Despierta! ¡Qué estás sobado! –are you listening to me? Wake up! It seems you are asleep!


Pimplar is the synonymous of beber alcohol, that in English is to drink alcohol

If you are having dinner at home and you invite your friends when you are at the supermarket buying the drinks you could think to yourself

Mejor compro una botella de vino más, a mis amigos les gusta mucho pimplar- I better get another bottle of wine, my friends really like drinking.


Partirse means reírse mucho or in English to laugh out loud

If you have  a very funny friendswho is always telling jokes you could tell him

Me parto con tus bromas- I laugh at loud with your jokes

Watch out-partirse can also be used in an ironic way, just watch the expression of the person when they say it.


Or a bit more complete darle al palique, it is hablar, so to talk

We all have a friend “que le gusta darle al palique”- that likes to talk

So…now it is your turn, leave a comment and let me know

–did you know any of the words that I mentioned?

-do you know any other slang word in Spanish?

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