4 Spanish mistakes Spanish students makes

Making mistakes when you are learning a new language is very common, and a normal part of the learning process, as when you make a mistakes you normally learn from it, at least when you make the same a couple of times.

Mistakes are normal in the learning process, and I am not telling you not to make them or if you made you are on the wrong path or…no! Not at all! Mistake are necessary and they help us to learn, however sometimes Spanish students they are not aware they are making mistakes, therefore they cannot correct them, that is why today I am talking about 4 common mistakes I have seen Spanish students make, so if you are ready keep reading!

4 Spanish mistakes Spanish students makes

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1-MUCH BETTER, in Spanish we say mucho mejor, but I hear more than a few students say más mejor, which it would be like saying “more better” in English , a no-no!

2-NO PROBLEM, this one is very common among English speaker because as a literal translation they say “no problema”, and that in Spanish it is just not said…we instead say “no hay problema”, there is not problem. So next time don’t forget about the small, but important word “hay”.

3-TO MAKE A DECISION, another popular one among English speaker as to make a decision in English is not the same in Spanish, as in Spanish we take decisions, so instead of “hacer una decisión “, we Spanish “tomamos una decisión “.

4-TO WORK, the verb to work is used when we talk about people: trabajo de 9 a 5-I work from 9 to 5. But when we refer and talk about things, in Spanish we use another verb, “funcionar”, therefore next time you have something that is not working don’t say “no trabaja” instead try saying “no funciona” 🙂

That is all my friend, now IT IS YOUR TURN, I would love to hear from you, leave a comment and let me know:

-have you made any of those mistakes before?

-have you seen/heard any other common mistakes among Spanish students?

Looking forward to reading all your comments.

Have a fantastic day! 🙂

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