5 palabras coloquiales en español – Spanish slang

Spanish slang is something that most of Spanish students love, so if you are among them you are going to love today’s entry.

Today’s blog although is not about anything new, we have talked about slang several times before, it is one of the favourite of students, and of course the slang words will be new to you too 🙂

I think I need to make a disclaimer before start talking about the slang words today, I always say that but I want you to be aware, slang varies from country to country and even in the same country different regions have different slang words, I always try to give you the general ones, but that been said, I am talking about slang from Spain, as it is what I know, within Spain the words I will be giving you today are broadly know and everyone would understand you when you use them.

But if you travel to South America and use them locals might not be familiar with them, same way if you learn some Mexican, Colombian etc slang and use it in Spain J

Ok, that clarified let’s dive into some Spanish slang words.

5 palabras coloquiales en español – Spanish slang

1-muermo, we use as equivalent to “aburrido”-boring.

We can use it to describe things, like a class….¡Qué muermo de clase! –What a boring class! Or even a person, Miguel es un muermo, nunca quiere hacer nada divertido-Miguel is so boring, he never wants to do anything fun.

2-milonga, milonga is the slang word for mentira, which is lie.

If someone is telling you something you think are a lot of lies you could say “no me cuentes milongas”- don’t tell me lies.

3-michelín, to be honest I don’t think we have a proper equivalent for this one, apart of fat around your waist area, which it is not a word but an explanation…in English michelines are known as “fat rolls, muffin top or love handlers

“Odio estos pantalones porque me sacan michelín” – I hate these trousers because they show my muffin top.

4-coña coña is the slang word for broma, which is joke

And it is common to use the expression “estar de coña” that means to be kidding. Very common to hear it in a questions when someone is telling you something you can believe…¿estás de coña?”-are you kidding?

5-rata, as well as the animal, rat, we use rata to refer a person who is “tacaño”, so someone who does not spend money, comeone stingy.

Raquel es una rata, nunca quiere poner dinero en común para pagar las cenas.- Raquel is so stingy, she never wants to put money in the pot to pay dinners.

Now it is your turn:

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT so, before you leave this blog leave a comment with a sentence in Spanish using at least one word you have learnt today.

Also I am very curious, let me know

-had you heard these slang words before?

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