5 senses in Spanish and something to try

We are living uncertain times and not the easiest of them, and I wanted to address it  at the same time I kept providing Spanish knowledge.

In today’s blog I am giving you some vocabulary and a simple technique you can try when you are feeling overwhelmed and worried, I hope you enjoy and most important you find it helpful 🙂

As you know the world now is a different place  it was a few days ago, and some people is finding difficult to navigate this uncertainty so as I said  I want to give you a technique you can use when you are feeling a bit down,  it is not my technique, I mean I did not invented or anything like it, I just heard it online and I thought it might be useful so here I am sharing it, you can have a read or if you prefer to watch the blog you can find the video and have some extra practice (the video is all in Spanish), or you can read and then head over the video,  you can find it on my youtube channel here

Ok, if you prefer to read let’s go to it.

5 senses in Spanish and something to try

I am going to talk about the 5 senses because the technique I am talking about uses them so I think it will be a good thing if you can have the vocabulary to understand what you need to do.

So let’s start with the 5 senses in Spanish–  los 5 sentidos en español

Los 5 sentidos en español are:

La vista- the sight

El oido – the hearing

El tacto-the touch

El olfato-the smell

El gusto-the taste

And each of the senses has a verb associate

la vista –> ver (to see)

El oido –> escuchar u oir (to listen to or to hear)

El tacto –> tocar o sentir (to touch or to feel)

El olfato –> oler (to smell)

El gusto –> saborear (to taste)

Great! Now you have that let’s go to the technique,  the goal of the technique is to bring you back to the present moment, so you stop focusing on what  will go on in the future and start paying attention to what’s happening in your surrounding and how you relate to it.

In this technique you need to pay attention to this moment and name :

5 cosas que puedes ver – 5 things you can see  

4 cosas que puedes escuchar – 4 things you can hear

3 cosas que puedes tocar/sentir – 3 things you can touch/feel

2 cosas que puedes oler- 2 things you can smell

1 cosa que puedes saborear– 1 thing you can taste

So for me:

5 cosas que puedo ver – 5 things I can see

-la pantalla de mi ordenador-my computer’s screen

-un reloj-a clock

-mi abrigo en el colgador – my coat in the hanger

-la pizarra donde escribo-the blackboard where I write

4 cosas que puedes escuchar – 4 things you can hear

-alguien escuchando una radio o un móvil-someone listening to a radio or phone.

-una silla moviéndose en el piso de arriba-a chair moving upstairs

-una gaviota-a seagull

-el tick tack del reloj-the clock’s sound

3 cosas que puedes tocar/sentir – 3 things you can touch/feel

-la superficie de la mesa lisa y un poco fria-the surface of the table, smooth and a bit cold

-el tejido de mis pantalones-my troussers’ fabric

-el ratón de mi ordenador-my computer’s mouse.

2 cosas que puedes oler- 2 things you can smell

This one and the taste one are particularly challenging for me but right now I can smell

-mi colonia-my perfume

-el café que acabo de preparar-the coffee is just made

1 cosa que puedes saborear- 1 thing you can taste

-el café que acabo de beber-the coffee I just drank

That is it my friend! That is the technique and the vocab I wanted to share with you today.

I hope you enjoyed and you give it a go 🙂

Now as usually you know it is your turn leave a comment and let me know:

-what do you think about the technique? Had you heard about it before? Had you tried it?

Also don’t forget to tell me

-5 things you can see

-4 things you can hear

-3 things you can touch

-2 things you can smell

-1 thing you can taste

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Sending you lots of love.

Stay safe, stay healthy and if you can stay home.


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