5 Spanish words that do not have an English translation Do you want to become more fluent in Spanish, have a look to the 5 Spanish words that do not have an English translation and surprised people.

Hola amigos, this is the first blog post of this 2016 (that is going to be amazing), so I wanted to share with you something good, after a lot of time thinking and shuffled a lot of options among “grammar” (nah….too boring), “idioms”(nah…too typical), and it has to be something big, something they want to learn about, something not common, something they could not stop reading and so on…

Finally, I went for something I like and I thought you would as well, so that how I came with this post, with a lot of thinking, so I hope you enjoying, here you are the “5 Spanish words that do not have an English translation.”





5 Spanish words that do not have an English translation

If you think about it these words, the ones that have not got an English translation are the ones that can make a difference in your fluency, as Spanish people look at you and ask…”Wowww….where did you learn that?” And another language learners will look t you and ask….firstly “What does that word mean?” and once you answer that one the following will be ….”Woow…how did you know that word?”

So keep your eyes open and welcome to one of your “fluency keys!

1-Sobremesa, the moment when you have finished a meal but the conversation is still going, there are “sobremesas” that last forever, normally us the time where you have the coffee.

Spanish love sobremesa”, if you have travelled to Spain or have Spanish friends and you have gone for lunch with them you will have checked that Spanish people like to take their time eating and when they finish, even in restaurant, they do not leave straight away.

“Las sobremesas de los domingos en casa de mi abuela duran hasta la cena”- On Sundays at my granny’ s we can stay on the table after lunch until dinner”

2-Estrenar, to wear something for the first time.

“Para la fiesta del sábado voy a estrenar la chaqueta roja”-I gonna wear the red jacket for the first  time to the party on Saturday.

3-Vergüenza ajena, to be ashamed or embarrase don behald of someone else.

“Las bromas de mi tío son muy malas, a veces me dan vergüenza ajena”, My uncle’ s jokes are really bad, sometimes I feel embarrased because of them

 4-Anteayer, a one only word to say the day before yesterday.

“Fuimos al cine a ver la nueva película de Almódovar anteayer”-The day before yesterday we went to the cinema to watch Almódovar’ s new movie.

5-Desvelado, unable to sleep or to be sleep deprived.

“Estuve desvelado porque mi hijo no paró de llorar en toda la noche”-I did not get any sleep last night because my baby was crying the whole night


That is all amigos, I know this is not the longest post but you know what Spanish people say “Lo bueno si es breve, dos veces bueno”- What’s good, when brief, is twice as good.

Did you know any of these words before?Or do you know any others that do not have English equivalent?

I hope at least you have learned a new word today 🙂



Your homework for this week (apart of the most than common practice, I always say), it is to share something you would like to learn/read in this blog, so I can give it to you.

It might be many other  looking for the same thing, so do not be shy and leave a comment with the thing you are more curious about Spain, the Spanish language, being a teacher, living abroad, anything, you know what they say “Ask and it will be given”-Pedid y se os dará 🙂


Feliz día 🙂

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