6 (+1) English words that have not Spanish translation 6 (+1) English words that have not Spanish translation, I wanted to show you some words you would not need to study as Spanish words, so you could just save time and energy.

Not long ago I wrote about how special the Spanish language was and how we had  some words that do not have any translation in English, but English language have some words as well that can not be translate into Spanish, so I thought it would be fair to do the same.

6 (+1) English words that have not Spanish translation, here we go, (aquí vamos)

6 (+1) English words that have not Spanish translation

If  you spent more time than you should looking for a Spanish word, it is probably because we do not have such a word, most of the time we would understand if you explain but compact all the meaning in  one word is impossible.

So if are you ready to know those words so you do not spent time or get crazy next time you want to use them?

THEN…Let’s learn this 🙂


Most  of the time, overall with new/modern words, we might just have taken the English word and use them with the same meaning, (whoop whoop, less vocab to study!)   the first which came to me was…SELFIE!!we do not have any translation for that one, we would need to say  a picture of yourself, (boring….and sooo so long) imagine one day out with your friends and trying to take a picture of you all you just shout  “a picture of ourselves !!” Everyone would look and you and ask what is wrong with you,  selfieeee it is much more catchy, quick and efficient.




Another 6 English words that have not Spanish translation are,

1-Log in-Log in actually means “apertura de la sesión” something like to open the sesión” again quite long so we just borrow the English word and use it. Sometimes we can see it as “INICIAR SESIÓN” in websites.

2-Multitasking– the meaning is multitarea, but I do not think anyone use it, neither we use the English version for this word, what do we do instead?Using a longer sentences “hacer más de dos cosas a la vez”, so the common sentences “Men can’t multitask” translated into Spanish would be “Los hombres no pueden hacer más de dos cosas a la vez”

3-Procrastination– I do not know what is going on with this word but I have gone from never heard about it to read it/heard it and even use it all the time, it seems to me like the fashion word, and my students seems to think the same as they have asked me, making me feel embarrassed, because I did not know the Spanish word, so I did what I usually do when I do not know something start a research and found out that similar words we could use in Spanish would be “dilación” , “desidia”or “postpone”, but they kind of not get the all meaning, if we would like to use it with the proper meaning we would need to use a few words, like “dejar todo para más tarde” (leave everything for later) I know….kind of funny that such a common thing in Spanish culture does not have a word to get the whole meaning.

So if you want to say one of those sentences that coach say once and again to get your attention “5 things to do if you want to beat procrastination” we would be translated in Spanish like something similar to “Los 5 pasos para no dejar todo para más tarde”

4-Spam– We havent translated this word in Spanish, and everyone know what you mean when you say Spam. We understand it as a folder which keeps the no desired mail. Mostly ads

5-To struggle– The real meaning is to have difficulties, and that in Spanish is quite long and strange to say, we use instead “costarme (mucho)” (yeah, sorry a reflexive verb here)

So if you want to say what thing you struggle learning Spanish in English you would say “I struggle to understand different accents” while in Spanish we say “ Me cuesta entender los diferentes acentos”

6-To lock- It just mean you close something using keys, but it would be so long in Spanish that is why we just say most of the time “cerrar”.

“Have you locked the main door?” –“¿Has cerrado la puerta?”


That is all for today amigos, I hope you enjoyed the blog and not feel that guilty now every time you try to translate an English word into Spanish,  just explain it because we might not have it and you see that when explaining things, more is actually more.


Write at least one sentences in English with each of the words above and then try  to translate them into Spanish (try not to look the blog when you do it ) and see if you come up with any other explanation of these words,if you do please feel free to post them in the comments below and we all can learn, it might be a better way to explain/say them.



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