6 Spanish Slang phrases A lot of the time when Spanish students visit Spain they are surprise about how much slang people use, for this reason I am writing about 6 Spanish slang sentences you need to know.



It is not uncommon visiting a country which language you are learning and find out that you understand less than you would have expected. It is not your grammar it is the slang everyone uses.  But do not worry, I got you covered! I am going to give you 6 Spanish slang phrases that will help you next time you visit Spain, or even watch a Spanish movie.

5 Spanish Slang phrases


1-¡Qué fuerte!

You might be confused if you listen to this sentences as fuerte means strong, so the literally translation of this sentences would be how strong! Pretty much, but no, we do not use it to talk about someone who is strong, we use it to express surprise, awe or shock. It is similar to your “wow”. And it can have a positive or negative meaning.

Ex.          ¿Sabes que Marta y Juan ya no están juntos?

Do you know that Marta and Juan are not together anymore?

-No tenía ni idea, ¡qué fuerte! ¿Qué ha pasado?

I did have an idea, wow….what happened?


2-Ir a tapear

And I am sorry but I can’t translate this one, but you probably know what it means, ir a tapear means to go out and get some drinks and some tapas.

Ex.          Después del trabajo vamos a ir a tapear, ¿quieres venir?

After work we are going to get some tapas, do you want to come?


3-Ser un pijo/a

It is very common to describe posh people as pijo/a, although it has a bad connotation. It refers to people who comes from wealth and they are bratty or spoiled.

Ex.          ¡Es una pija! Su papa siempre le consiente todo.

She is a brat! Her dad always spoils her


#note-you can use it if one of your friends is wearing some branding for example if I would see one of my friends wearing a dress from Prada, even when I would like the dress I will tease her  by saying

¡Qué pija con un vestido de Prada!




4-mala pata

Translating as “bad paw” means bad luck.

Ex           He tenido muy mala pata esta mañana, he perdido el autobús y he tenido que esperar

I had very bad lucj this morning, I missed the bus and I needed to wait


5-ser un chaval

Chaval it is just a slang word for kid.

Ex.          No te enfades con tu hijo, todavía no puede entender las reglas, es solo un chaval.

Don’t get mad at your son, he can’t understand the rules yet, he is only a kid


#note-It can be used referring to an old person that looks very good and it is active.

Pedro acaba de cumplir 65 años, ¡pero está hecho un chaval!

Pedro just turned 65 years, but he looks like a kid!


6-ir a su bola

When someone “va a su bola” it means they do their own thing.

Ex           He invitado a Julia a la fiesta, pero no sé si vendrá, ya sabes que ella va a su bola

I invited Julia to the party, although I don’t know if she will come, you know  she does her own thing.


And that is all for today! I hope you enjoy these Spanish Slang sentences, now, before you leave two quick things:

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¡Hasta pronto!

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