7 English-Spanish false friends False friends are similar words in your native language and the language you are learning which actually have a very different meaning, have a read and find out some Spanish/English false friends.

Sometimes English and Spanish have common words, which is great, as we can remember them easily or even try to figure the word out, just thinking how it is said in our native language and changing it a bit…but so many other times…we are wrong! Why? Due to today’s post subject…our dearest false friends.



When learning a new language and finding new words similar to the ones you use in your native language you might think that is a good thing and you will probably test a lot of words trying it will work more often. Sometimes we try the same word hoping it will be the same and we could not be farther from the reality, these words are the famous false friends.

So in today’s post I am going to cover 7 English-Spanish false friends most of the people mix up, so open your eyes and keep reading 🙂

7 English-Spanish false friends


1-AVISO might look like advice, but it actually means warning! If we want advice, we are looking for consejo in Spanish.


2-DISGUSTO, a lot of people use it to indicate disgust…wrong! When Spanish people use disgusto actually means displeasure, and if you want to indicate disgust you need to use asco (not even close to the English word).


3-FÁBRICA, as much as it sounds as fabric…it is not, fábrica means factory while for fabric we will use…tejido.


4-ROPA, maybe one of the basic ones as it is something you learn almost at the beginning of your learning journey, but I know a few people when see it written or hear it for the first time they thing about rope, which is cuerda, instead of the actual meaning, clothes.


5-LARGO, this is a confusing one for many people, they think and use it as big (grande) but in Spanish actually has a different meaning, largo means just long


6-DIVERSIÓN, it is usual to see a signal on the Britain’s road which the word diversion, and Spanish will always smile as we have the same word, with accent, and the translation is fun, while the actual diversion is translated as desvio.


7-JAMÓN is ham not many people get this one wrong, but just in case, as it has a more similar English word jam that is indeed mermelada.




As you see the actual meaning is not even close to the English word, or at least not as closer as the false friend words are so WATCH OUT!


HOMEWORK- As summer is coming in the north hemisphere, (at least here in Edinburgh, we even got some sunshine this week, whoop, whoop) and I know there is few words to take in on today’s post, there is not homework this week, just take all in, and remember not to be tricked by the false friends, of course, as usual if you want to practice feel free to post a comment below, I will revise it and correct it. But before you are off to enjoy the day…one more thing

NOW THE BALL IS ON YOUR ROOF-la pelota está en tu tejadoIT IS YOUR TURN Leave a comment below, do you have a special word you always try in Spanish hoping that it will work but you get it wrong once and again?

I remember learning English I was trick by a false friends…I was sick and I went to the nearest supermarket to buy something for my cold…and when I arrive there I saw something will help me, or it would have if I would have other problem…medicine for constipation (great! Well in Spanish constipated means cold so I thought ok..this will do…remember I was sick…so when I arrived home and showed to my flatmate what I bought he looked at me surprise and say…I thought you had a cold, I was off confused so I replied yes that is why I bought this….he laughed out loud and explain me the little and embarrassed different…and which is worse the medicine did not help me with my cold, what about you, do you have a funny story which involves false friends to share? Go ahead leave a comment below sharing your experience.


Looking forward to reading you all


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Have a great day –ten un magnífico día y hablamos pronto


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