7 Spanish expressions that are a must It does not matter if you are thinking about going to Spain for holidays or just for a long week, this expressions will help you to pass by Spain as if you were a Spaniard more

Hola, hola amigos, ¿qué tal?

Have you been studying much?I hope so, the times does not stop and soon summer will be here….aw…summer that beautiful time of the year when we pack our suitcase and we travel somewhere nice and sunny…like Spain! 🙂

If Spain is one of your destinations for this summer, or you just want to go for the weekend, and even more if you are thinking about spending time there, either for work or to study, you need to keep reading, so you learn the 7 Spanish expressions that are a must so you know the “crack” when you are there.


7 Spanish expressions that are a must

1.- Salir de marcha

salir de fiesta, salir de copas a divertirse.


We use marcha as a synonym of party, so if we want to make sure how good the nightlife is in the place you are going make sure to ask “¿Cómo es la marcha “allí”?” or “¿Qué tal es la marcha allí?”- How is the party “there”?


2.- Coña.

This beautiful word, that is not gooing to be your favourite (or it might be) is quite used, and we can use it meaning two different things (wonders of the Spanish language…surprise!)


a-Estar de coña, We can say “¿Estás de coña?” as “are you kidding/joking?” or even we can say it in the positive way if you are kidding someone and they start to take it seriously you will quickly add “!No me hagas caso! Estoy de coña” –“Do not take it seriously! I am kidding!”

b- Ni de coña, Or we can use “coña” meaning a big no. Imagine you are out with friends and they ask you if you will go to the gym tomorrow (a bit weird I know…but perfect example to use no in a big way, isn’t it?)

“Ni de coña voy al gimnasio mañana” – “No way I am going to go to the gym tomorrow”

3.- Vale


vale seems to be the word, as Spaniards use it so often, it is not other thing that agree, so be more Spanish, do not say ok anymore say vale instead 🙂


4.- Una chorrada,

a popular word, (watch out, it is really colloquial)  to refers a silly thing, another Spanish words for it could be tontería (silly thing) or algo que no tiene importancia (something no important)


a-meaning silly things…If one of your friend is talking non sense you could make him to stop saying “deja de decir chorradas”-“stop talking drivel/ twaddle”

Also, you can use it if it is your sister birthday and someone ask what you are getting her, you pretty sure would answer “no sé, cualquier chorrada–“I don’t know, just some little thing”

b-meaning something not important If some of your friend is getting mad about some stupid thing that does not sense you can say to him no te enfades por una chorrada así”-don’t get angry over a silly little thing like that”

5.- ¡Ser la leche! 

 If something is really good or funny and you would recommend it to your friends, if you go to a concert last night if your workmates ask you how it was and you reply with an “!Genial!Fue la leche” – “great! It  was awesome!”, they will know you had a great time (and you will make them a bit jealous).



WATCH OUT- your tone! When you talk about things “ser la leche” is always good, but if you talk about/to people it can be either they are freaking amazing (good meaning) or that they a bit different (not as good, but not terrible)

-“¿Has arreglado la televisión?!Eres la leche!”-“Have you mannaged to fix the tv? You are awesome!”


-“!No me digas que te has vuelto a olvidar las llaves! ¡Eres la leche!”-“Do not tell me you forgot your keys again…You are unbeliable!”

6.- No te rayes,

this is one of my favourites (among hundreds more :)) another way to say it could be “no te comas la cabeza”, and it means do not get nuts, it is quite often to used it when someone is getting worried a lot about something not that important or getting obsessed with something.

no te rayes

If your friends is getting obsessed about something he thinks he did wrong at work during the weekend you will urge him

“No te rayes, seguro que no es tan malo, seguramente nadie se dará ni cuenta”- “Do not worry/overthink/get paranoid, sure is not that bad, maybe nobody realice”

TIP-If you know someone who can not stop worrying about things you can called him “rayado”

7- Una caña

this is an important one* 🙂 means cerveza, and it is a glass of beer, not as big as a pint, we do not usually drink pints in Spain we “salimos de cañas” go out for small beers, in most of the places you get a tapa with the caña, that is why we drink cañas, so we drink it quicker and can move to the next bar for the next round.

caña (1)

So remember to order some “cañas” when you visit Spain.


HOMEWORK Pick one of the expressions above and make it yours, use it every chance you have, feel comfortable using it, own it, and once you have mastered it, come back to this post and choose another one and shame…repeat until you use these 7 expressions as a pro.



it is your turn, share on the comments below which of this expressions is your favourite and you can’t wait to start using it in your Spanish convos 🙂  Did you know them? Do you know any other that could help your Spanish students colleagues to get through Spain and get the most of them, do not be shy SHARE THEM, they will help.


And….that is all for today guys, I hope you enjoy and you learned something new


!Hasta pronto!


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