8 Spanish words you won’t learn in the grammar books

Today I am talking about 8 words that are among my favourites.

The words I mention today are so common among native speakers, but not that much between students are there are words that you won’t come across in the grammar books. So knowing these words (and using them) can make a big difference in your speech and also surprise your listeners.

If you are ready, I promise I will keep this blog short and sweet, as we are going straight to the point.

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8 Spanish words you won’t learn in the grammar books.


Someone that does not look after themselves or their appearance. If I have a really old coat my mum probably would say

Necesitas un Abrigo nuevo, con ese pareces una zarraspastrosa-You need a new coat, with that one you look scruffy


A baby or a toddler.

Mi amiga María Antonia tiene ya tres churumbeles-María Antonia already has 3 babies/toddlers.


Someone that eats a lot.

El churumbel de María Antonia es un tragaldabas.-María Antonia’s baby is a glutton


Someone that is a bit grumpy

Mi vecino está todo el día de mal humor, es un poco cascarrabias-My neighbour is always in a bad modo, it is a bit grumpy


Something, normally food or drink that is destroyed because it has too much water on it.

No me gusta nada está sopa, ¡es aguachirri!-I don’t like this soup at all, it is flavourless water.

Este café es aguachirri, ¡es horrible!-This coffee is favourless water, it is awful!


An object that has not use. Those useless item we like to accumulate.

I am sure you guys

Tenéis un montón de cachivaches en el garaje.- You guys have a lot of useless things in the garage.

Or if you buy something which use is not very clear I could ask

¿Para que sirve ese cachivache?-what is that thing usde for?


Someone that besides having the age to have a beard, they haven’t got it yet.

El hijo de María Antonia es barbilampiño-María Antonia son does not have a beard yet


Tio squash something

No pongas la pera en la mochila, porque se va a espachurrar entre los libros-don’t put your pear in the backpack, it is going to be squashed among the books.

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