affectionate Spanish words Watch out!If you are meeting a boy or a girl from Spain or Latin America where are a couple of sentences they will love

Ok, so you have met this guy or girl who is Spanish or from south america and you are crazy in love…you want to keep them forever, here a few sentences which show few words can mean a lot.

affectionate Spanish words


  • I love you (care for you): Te quiero
  • I love you (more serious): Te amo
  • I (female) am in love: Estoy enamorada de ti
  • I (male) am in love: Estoy enamorado de ti
  • You are beautiful (to a female): Eres guapa
  • You are handsome (to a male): Eres guapo
  • You make me happy: Me haces feliz
  • Will you marry me?: ¿ Quieres casarte conmigo?
  • You are the love of my life: Eres el amor de mi vida
  • I adore you: Te adoro
  • I miss you: Te extraño
  • I need you: Te necesito
  • I always think about you: Siempre pienso en ti
  • I like you: Me gustas
  • Kiss me: Bésame
  • Hug me: Abrázame




Here are the tips now go and practice them and see if these affectionate Spanish words,


Maybe your partner has taught you an affectionate word she/he likes so…as always I like your feedback so if you know some more feel free to teach us 🙂


looking forward to hearing from you guys!

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