How to become a better Spanish listener A lot of Spanish students have problems with their listening skills, how can I become a better Spanish listener they ask. Well as you probably know, my answer is by practicing.

Hola, and welcome back to my little place on the internet! I am so glad to have you here, that means you want to turn pro.

Lot of people who learn Spanish have a big issue with their listening skills. And I get it! It is really frustrating, when I was studying English it was a nightmare trying to understand everything people said, their accent, the topic and so many other variables came into place, but you know what? I did! I know can understand and so can you! You just need to be patience and practice (probably not the thing you wanted to hear but…there is not magic wand-unfortunately).

That is why I have created this blog, how to become a better Spanish listener, where you will find three audios, you can listening, regardless of your level, because you are going to have three to choose from, the topic in each one is different too, so I hope you find something you like 🙂 .

So if you are ready have a read, or  should I say have a listen (wink, wink) to this blog post.


How to become a better Spanish listener


Listening skills are difficult to grasp, that is why the best way to master them is…practicing! Today I have really short clips for you, under 6 minutes, you can try and listen to them, also if you struggle to understand, or even if you don’t, you can download their transcript as I think is always a good idea, reading and listening at the same time, as reading is normally easier, we recognize words better than sounds so if you read at the same time you listen them, you will make a connection and your skills will improve faster.


All right! That is enough said from my side, I leave you to the audios. I hope you enjoy them, and also once you listen to them I would love to hear from you:

-how many of the audios did you listen?

-did you understand them all?

-what was the most difficult part?

And lastly what this new blog format useful? Let me know so I can help you.


Also I will be forever grateful if you share this blog with a fellow learner you know who has trouble understanding Spanish.

Feel free to write a comment with the topics you would like to hear in the upcoming blogs too, is there any specific topic would you like to listen to? Fire away!


As I said I hope you enjoy them.



Download the transcript here



Download the transcript here



Download the transcript here


¡Hasta pronto!


3 Responses to “How to become a better Spanish listener”

  1. Joanne

    ¡Hola Blanca! Muchísimas gracias por los audios. Pienso que es muy importante practicar la capacidad de escucha, yo la encuentro en general bastante difícil. Al principio he escuchado los tres audios sin las transcripciones. Pero me parece una muy buena idea escuchar unas veces más con las transcripciones, seguro que refuercen la comprensión.

  2. Morada

    Hola Blanca,

    Mucha gracias por la escuchando ejercicios. Pensé que los ejercicios fueron muy útiles.



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