Difficult Spanish words to pronounce

Difficult Spanish words   You can watch this lesson on video here –> https://youtu.be/dK78LVSP49E      Some of the most difficult Spanish words to pronounce are:   1-PARAGUAS (umbrella)   2-PINGÜINO (penguin)   3-NIÑO (child)   4-PERRO (dog)   5-IDIOSINCRACIA (idiosyncrasy) … Continued

7 Common Spanish pronunciation mistakes

  7 Common pronunciation mistakes in Spanish   We are going to see two kind of pronunciation mistakes, and we are dividing them in “vowel mistakes” and “consonant” mistakes. 1-“vowel” mistakes:   1.1.Buenohhhhhhhh, tengohhhhh, The Spanish words are bueno and … Continued

Vocabulary and listening game

  Vocabulary and listening game   If you can wait to get started go and watch the video here –> https://youtu.be/dR458fMYUMw     Once you have the chance to watch and guess please leave a comment below the video or … Continued

Spanish – English true friends

  Spanish – English true friends   Internet, hotel, popular, color, principal. If I told you those words,  would you know what they mean? Well…then your Spanish knowledge is not that bad, because, they are Spanish words which meaning you … Continued

Entrevista-Spanish listening exercise

Entrevista-Spanish listening exercise   Below you have the beginning of the transcript to download the full transcript click here    if you want to watch the video go to –> https://youtu.be/erN038PDcFw     Click the image to go to watch the … Continued

Feliz Año Nuevo

Now it is time to step in to a new year with new energy and looking forward to reach your Spanish goals! By the way would you like to share them? I would love to hear them! go to the … Continued