We have several past tenses in Spanish, and today we are going to have a closer look to one of them, “el pretérito perfecto compuesto.” Today we are talking about one of the past tenses in Spanish, “el pretérito perfecto … Continued

Spanish phrases with the verb “echar”

The verb echar besides having several different meanings it is used in a lot of fixed phrases that change its meaning. Two weeks ago I wrote about the different meanings of the verb echar, you can read it here  … Continued

4 different forms of porque

You might be very surprised, or you might also think that I am crazy, 4 different forms of porque!! Today I am talking about the 4 different ways of porque, that it sounds like a lot, but honestly they are … Continued


This week is Easter, and in Spain is quite a popular holiday. As you probably know Spain likes to celebrate things, and Easter is not different, we are traditionally a catholic country, so Easter is still quite popular, it is … Continued