It is NAVIDAD time!

Spanish word search     I did not want it to give you extra info this week, as it is normally a busy time of the year, but I did not want you a week without Spanish so…I have created … Continued

Spanish common expressions with “de”

Spanish common expressions with “de”   -de acuerdo All right de acuerdo is a way to agree, and when it means in agreement, or in the same page, example: If you discussed something about a project at work where it … Continued

Express quantity in Spanish

Express quantity in Spanish   Let’s start with the ones you probably know:     -mucho/mucha/muchos/muchas – much/many/a lot of. They change gender and number depending on the noun they go with.   En el concierto había muchas personas-In the … Continued

Spanish expressions about lifestyle

Spanish expressions about lifestyle   You can also watch the video for this lesson here:   Vivir a cuerpo de rey  and Darse la buena vida   They both means pretty much the same: to live like a King, to … Continued

Exclamatory phrases in Spanish!

    Exclamatory phrases in Spanish   ¡Qué barbaridad!                   How awful! ( What a barbarity!)   ¡Qué bonito!                          How beautiful!   ¡Qué raro!                              How weird!   ¡Qué fastidio!                         What a nuisance!   ¡Qué mierda!                          What a crap!   … Continued