A little thing that will make Spanish easier

In today’s blog we are going to learn a simple trick about the word “lo”, that hopefully will make your Spanish learning easier. As you probably know the Spanish language has a few complex things, and one of them is … Continued

The 10 longest Spanish words

In today’s blog we are going to see some Spanish words that they are tricky, not because of the sounds on it, but because of the length of them. As you are probably aware, I self-named this month of March … Continued

Difficult Spanish words to pronounce

Difficult Spanish words   You can watch this lesson on video here –> https://youtu.be/dK78LVSP49E      Some of the most difficult Spanish words to pronounce are:   1-PARAGUAS (umbrella)   2-PINGÜINO (penguin)   3-NIÑO (child)   4-PERRO (dog)   5-IDIOSINCRACIA (idiosyncrasy) … Continued

7 Common Spanish pronunciation mistakes

  7 Common pronunciation mistakes in Spanish   We are going to see two kind of pronunciation mistakes, and we are dividing them in “vowel mistakes” and “consonant” mistakes. 1-“vowel” mistakes:   1.1.Buenohhhhhhhh, tengohhhhh, The Spanish words are bueno and … Continued