The “self” concept in Spanish

Words that start with the prefix “self” are popping up everywhere, so I think it will be a good moment to address them in Spanish. Nowadays concepts such as self disciplined, self esteem, self development etc. in a nutshell words … Continued

Some Spanish words (you might not know)

Words are such a great and interesting thing, as it doesn’t matter the language you learn, or how many words you know in a language you are studying , there are always new ones you are going to come across. … Continued

The word “puño” and 6 more words

Today I want to talk about “palabras derivadas” , aka in English as derived words ( I needed to look how to say it up) and I think we will start by explaining what are palabras derivadas? Palabras derivadas are … Continued

5 senses in Spanish and something to try

We are living uncertain times and not the easiest of them, and I wanted to address it  at the same time I kept providing Spanish knowledge. In today’s blog I am giving you some vocabulary and a simple technique you … Continued

Bueno, malo and something about them

Bueno and malo are quite common words in Spanish, that is why I thought I needed to address bueno, malo and something about them you need to keep in mind. Today I am talking about how to use bueno,  malo … Continued

“solo” versus “único”

The words “solos” and “único” normally cause some problems to Spanish students as they both have two different meanings, but one of them is a common one to both words, that is why today we will study “solo” versus “único”. … Continued