Before we jump in to today’s blog let me ask you some questions: -how long have you been learning Spanish for? -are you happy with the results? -do you have any goals regarding Spanish? When you have goals you have … Continued

4 Spanish false friends

don’t let these Spanish English false friend trick you. When you are learning a new language there are so many things you need to learn and keep in mind, and one of those are false friends. False friend are those … Continued

4 Spanish mistakes Spanish students makes

Making mistakes when you are learning a new language is very common, and a normal part of the learning process, as when you make a mistakes you normally learn from it, at least when you make the same a couple … Continued

A vocabulary and comprehension activity

I think games are a great way to learn and practice pretty much everything, don’t you? It might be the competitive part of me talking but I love a good game (and a good challenge) that is why today we … Continued

Useful Spanish slang words

Slang is important as as well as being used,  it is a part of the culture and identity of every country. Every country as different slang, and today we are going to see some slang you could hear in Spain. … Continued

Spanish students common mistakes

Making mistakes when you are learning a language is totally normal, and mistakes are a way to learn. The problem is when you have a pattern of repeating the same mistakes over and over. As a Spanish teacher I come … Continued

Spanish nouns with irregular genders

Genders in Spanish are hard enough for Spanish students, but they get worse when some Spanish nouns  have irregular gender. If you are a Spanish student of any level, you will know that words in Spanish have genders, for Spanish … Continued

A little thing that will make Spanish easier

In today’s blog we are going to learn a simple trick about the word “lo”, that hopefully will make your Spanish learning easier. As you probably know the Spanish language has a few complex things, and one of them is … Continued