Bueno, malo and something about them

Bueno and malo are quite common words in Spanish, that is why I thought I needed to address bueno, malo and something about them you need to keep in mind. Today I am talking about how to use bueno,  malo … Continued

“solo” versus “único”

The words “solos” and “único” normally cause some problems to Spanish students as they both have two different meanings, but one of them is a common one to both words, that is why today we will study “solo” versus “único”. … Continued

Sentir and sentirse in Spanish

Another two verbs that can get trick to grasp, but that they are easy to differentiate when you know a little trick In todays blog we are talking abut sentir and sentirse in Spanish, which are two verbs that means … Continued

Spanish listening exercise

Spanish students often complain understanding Spanish is so hard, in the blog today I am helping you to improve your listening skills. A lot of the time Spanish student’s weakness when learning Spanish is the listening part, they don’t have … Continued

Palabras compuestas – don’t make this mistake

To start this blog palabras compuestas –don’t make this mistake is important to start first by explaining what are “palabras compuestas”. Palabras compuestas are words made from two different words, so we have two words and we combine them voilá! … Continued

Story of two verbs

A lot of Spanish students when I talk about “story of two verbs” they immediately jump to the conclusion I am talking about ser and estar. And they are normally right, but today it is a different story. Today I … Continued