Books to learn Spanish Reading books is a great way to learn a language, and it will not be different if you are learning Spanish, that is why todays I thought about giving you a list of books you can read to learn Spanish

If you are learning Spanish and you are a book lover today is your lucky day,as today I thought that everything will be about books to learn Spanish.


Books to learn Spanish

this is a post I have been thinking to write for a while as I am a reader, and I enjoy reading, and when I was learning English I found, well I still do that I always learn something new, and it helps me to fix the grammar in my mind as I see the structure of the sentences once and again, even when I am not paying attention as when I study.

So here we are, I have chosen 5 books you could read in Spanish for each level

My tip is that if you have a book you like  in your language I would recommend you to read in Spanish and I would say  it is always good to start with a book you have read in your language and you will know the main plot and will find easier to follow it


1. El Principito (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry):  It is a french book, but is translated in all the language. It is the story of a pilot who ends up lost in the Sahara desert, where we meets a little prince who is from another planet, according with his words. It is a philosophical book that talks about the strange way the adults have to see things.


2.La vida secreta de Rebecca Paradise (Pedro Mañas Romero) Úrsula is the main character in this novel, she is 11 years old and has a difficult life,she has to change schools often and her mum is fugitive because she stole a painting in a famous museum…no…it is not that…Úrsula is a 11 years old girl who says her name is Rebecca and hates the magician who made her mum disappeared…Or is Rebecca an spy who is called Úrsula to confuse people…Well, anyway, she is 11 years, 5 worms in a box and a lost cat…or is that false too? anyone able to tell always all the truth?


3.El Fabuloso Mundo de las letras (Jordi Serra i Fabra): Virgilio does not like reading, and less in front of an audience, but one day he has not got other option, because a famous author comes to his school and he needs to read one of his book.But he is surprise when he starts reading the book and finds out he is enjoying it and he can not wait to talk with the write. When Virgilio asks the author about another book to read he recommends him “el fabuloso mundo de las letras”, the kid gets in it and he arrives to a fantastic place.


4. Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling): Again, it is an English one, but in its Spanish translations, who has not read Harry Potter?It is a classic and if you like it in your language I promise you will do in Spanish too.


5.Cenizas (Álvaro Ortiz):  If you are a reader and you like comics this is definitely your book.If you do not want to start reading the ones you think are teens novels this might be your choice too.

Three friends whom havent seen each other in years, arguing in a car, with a long way to go and a misterious croos marked on a map.Starngecircumstances make this surrealistic reunion among Polly, Moho y Piter. Unas extrañas circunstancias propician ese reencuentro surrealista entre Polly, Moho y Piter.  An explosive mix between road movie and funny thriller in which nothing is as it looks like




1.Como agua para chocolate (Laura Esquivel): Tita y Pedro are in love, but she needs to look after her mother until she dies, Pedro in order to be close to Tita, marries her sister, Rosauras. The recipes that Tita cooks show the seasons in her life. This novel is a bitter-sweet comedy novel.


2. Manolito Gafotas (Elvira Lindo):  Manolito is a kid who lives in a working neighbour in Madrid. The books tells the life style on a daily basics of Manolito, who lives with his parents, his grandad and his little brother. There are several books. In these books you will find a look of expressions and idioms.


3.. Desnuda (Jordi Sierra i Fabra): Marga is 16 when she starts dating Ramiro, everything goes fine at the beginning but step by step Ramiro starts to obsess with Marga even using physic violence. Perhaps it was that way from the begiiner, the non stop love messages, the calls every hour, the claim for attention….Maybe those all things contained violance already but Marga could not see it, maybe if she would have everything would have been different.


4. Los santos Inocentes (Miguel Delibes): It talks about the hard life of a farmer family under the rich people in an area of Spain, where the only goal of the parents is that their children can go to university and get a better life for themshelves. At some point in one of the hunt expeditions that take place señorito Iván kills Azarías birds, which starts a consequences from Azarías side.

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5. El tiempo entre costuras (María Dueñas):  The young lady taylor Sira Quiroga leaves Madrid to go to Tanger due to love a man who barley knows. In Tanger she finds out that the unthinkable can take place. Sira gets to know a lot of interesting people with different backgrounds, and after her sewing she starts something more dangerous than the patterns..

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If you like to read more hardcore books, you could try  Memorias de Idhún (Laura Gallego), a science fiction novel, quite book, but a bit strange, if you like this kinf od novels, definitely give it a go.


1.Cien años de soledad (Gabriel García Márquez): The great adventours of the Buendía-Iguarán family, with its miracles, fantasies, obsessions, dramas, incests, adulteries, discoveries…that represents at the same time the myth and the history, the drama and the love of the whole world.


2. Juego de tronos  (George R. R. Martin): Same as Harry Potter, who has not read, seen or at least heard about this saga, I would recommend Canción de Hielo y Fuego specially as it is not that hard to read.


3. La Colmena (Camilo José Cela):  This book is a faithful witness of the normal life style in the streets, cafes and rooms in Madrid 1943. It is a great book, which shows the fatality people is sinking on, everyone thinks things happens just because and nothing has remedy, therefore we can not change anything.

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4. La sombra del viento (Carlos Ruiz Zafón): In a sunrise of 1945 a lad is driven by his dad to a mistery place in the centre of the old town, El Cementerio de los Libros Olvidados,(the graveyard of the forgotten books), there he will find a spelled book that will change the way of his life and will take him to a maze of secrets and intrigues.


5. Misterioso asesinato en casa de Cervantes (Juan Eslava Galán): At the door step of  Miguel de Cervantes’ house has appeared a dead body who has been stabbed.One of the neighbour accuses Miguel and his sisters to be involved and they end up in prission.

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The extra

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Your homework is at least try to grab a Spanish book and read it, it does not have to be one of the list above, any, and if you hava read it already in your language even better, as you will find it easier.


I hope you found this post helpful, if so please share with someone that can be interested on it too.

And like every week if you have read any of the books previously mentioned or any other that helped you with your Spanish or you simply loved, let us know.


Wishing you a lovely weekend



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