Lo que in Spanish

Do  you want to know “a thing” about “lo que” ? The structure “lo que” in Spanish drives a lot of students crazy, today I am giving you a simplified version of it to help you understand it a little … Continued

4 slang words from Spain

It is time for a new blog, and this blog is all about words, in particular it is all about 4 slang words from Spain Before we go in to today’s lesson, a quick disclaimer-* slang is very specific to … Continued

Running out of something in Spanish

I am sure you have run out something quite often, imagine you have to express that in Spanish, could you? In today’s blog we are learning how to express we run out of something in Spanish (hint we also use … Continued

Once upon a time

Today we are going to learn how to start your own stories in Spanish, starting with once upon a time in Spanish Today’s blog is going to be very short and sweet, as it is straight to the point. I … Continued

3 colloquial verbs in Spanish-Spanish slang

In today’s blog I am talking about something that Spanish students love, and I bet you will enjoy. I am talking about Spanish slang, “jerga”. am talking about Spanish slang, “jerga”. As I said the blog today is about something … Continued