A vocabulary and comprehension activity

I think games are a great way to learn and practice pretty much everything, don’t you? It might be the competitive part of me talking but I love a good game (and a good challenge) that is why today we … Continued

Useful Spanish slang words

Slang is important as as well as being used,  it is a part of the culture and identity of every country. Every country as different slang, and today we are going to see some slang you could hear in Spain. … Continued

Spanish students common mistakes

Making mistakes when you are learning a language is totally normal, and mistakes are a way to learn. The problem is when you have a pattern of repeating the same mistakes over and over. As a Spanish teacher I come … Continued

Spanish nouns with irregular genders

Genders in Spanish are hard enough for Spanish students, but they get worse when some Spanish nouns  have irregular gender. If you are a Spanish student of any level, you will know that words in Spanish have genders, for Spanish … Continued

A little thing that will make Spanish easier

In today’s blog we are going to learn a simple trick about the word “lo”, that hopefully will make your Spanish learning easier. As you probably know the Spanish language has a few complex things, and one of them is … Continued

The 10 longest Spanish words

In today’s blog we are going to see some Spanish words that they are tricky, not because of the sounds on it, but because of the length of them. As you are probably aware, I self-named this month of March … Continued

Difficult Spanish words to pronounce

Difficult Spanish words   You can watch this lesson on video here –> https://youtu.be/dK78LVSP49E      Some of the most difficult Spanish words to pronounce are:   1-PARAGUAS (umbrella)   2-PINGÜINO (penguin)   3-NIÑO (child)   4-PERRO (dog)   5-IDIOSINCRACIA (idiosyncrasy) … Continued