Spanish idioms related to football

In Spain football is a big deal, and you know Spaniards love expressions too, so yes, we do tent to combine both, football, and expressions. In Spain football is an extremely popular sport, so popular like we call it “el … Continued


We have several past tenses in Spanish, and today we are going to have a closer look to one of them, “el pretérito perfecto compuesto.” Today we are talking about one of the past tenses in Spanish, “el pretérito perfecto … Continued

Spanish phrases with the verb “echar”

The verb echar besides having several different meanings it is used in a lot of fixed phrases that change its meaning. Two weeks ago I wrote about the different meanings of the verb echar, you can read it here  … Continued

4 different forms of porque

You might be very surprised, or you might also think that I am crazy, 4 different forms of porque!! Today I am talking about the 4 different ways of porque, that it sounds like a lot, but honestly they are … Continued