Palabras compuestas – don’t make this mistake

To start this blog palabras compuestas –don’t make this mistake is important to start first by explaining what are “palabras compuestas”. Palabras compuestas are words made from two different words, so we have two words and we combine them voilá! … Continued

Story of two verbs

A lot of Spanish students when I talk about “story of two verbs” they immediately jump to the conclusion I am talking about ser and estar. And they are normally right, but today it is a different story. Today I … Continued

Spanish riddles

It is the beginning of the year, d what better way to start of that with some Spanish riddles? A bit of exercise for your mind after the festive period. Hola amigos and first of all ¡FELIZ AÑO NUEVO! I … Continued

Comprehension and vocabulary game IV

Listening comprehension and vocabulary are you of the toughest thing for students hat are trying to learn Spanish, that is why in today’s blog we are aiming to work both of them, This is week is game time again! We … Continued

Making mistakes when learning Spanish

When you learn Spanish you are going to make mistakes, and you need to be ok with it, and also learn that learning a language is a lifelong journey, so it will be more than one mistake : ) I … Continued

cerca versus cercano

Is it “cerca” ? Or….is it “cercano”? At least once Spanish students have got this question bothering them. As I said, a  lot of students have had this questions at some point, and some other students use them indistinctly, although … Continued

Improve your Spanish listening skills (tips)

A lot of Spanish students find understanding Spanish very hard and that make them very frustrated. speaking in Spanish, but they hit a block when they try to understand either natives or audios. That is why in today I am … Continued