Spanish trips and something else

I think you all know by now how much I love Spanish idioms, so I thought to write a quick entry “spanish trips and something else” to say hello!I am back…(checkedJ) and of course to give you something to use/practice … Continued

Travelling the world

travelling the world I am pasionated about travelling and I think everyone should as you learn so many things, you grow as a person seeing the world from a different point of view, getting to know people and their culture…it … Continued

Spanish connection around the world

Spanish connection loves travelling so do you!Travelling is always a great fun, good way to meet new and interesting people, to get engaged with cultures, try different adventures…Travelling makes you grow as a person and teach you to see the … Continued

Spanish connection is on pinterest

Spanish connection is trend   We all love social media these days, it is a way to stay in touch with your people, and Spanish connection is on pinterest now, we just found recently about it, and we love it, … Continued