cerca versus cercano

Is it “cerca” ? Or….is it “cercano”? At least once Spanish students have got this question bothering them.

As I said, a  lot of students have had this questions at some point, and some other students use them indistinctly, although they mean something different. What group do you fall into?

cerca versus cercano

Ok, actually it is quite straight forward, why? There are two different types of words.

Cerca is and adverb and cercano an adjective, what does really mean? Ok, let’s see!

CERCA, is an adverbs that mean that says something about the verb. See the sentence “Mi casa está cerca” cerca there is saying something about the verb, the location, right? While

CERCANO is an adjective, so it goes with the noun, therefore it can change gender and number depending on the noun it goes with, so it could be cercano, cercana, cercanos, cercanas. See the sentences “Las ciudades cercanas son muy industriales”. Cercanas is matching and saying something about  ciudades, the noun, that is feminine, plural, that is why we use “cercanas”

Does it make sense?

I would leave you with another 2 sentences:

Mi hermano y yo estamos cerca

Mi hermano y yo somos cercanos

When we say

“Mi hermano y yo estamos cerca”  means we are around, we are talking about location, but when we say “Mi hermano y yo somos cercanos”, means we are close, like our relationship is close.

I hope this helps, if you still have questions, doubts, anything! Leave a comment and I will get back to you 🙂

If everything is clear…Leave a comment with two different sentences one using cerca and other cercano to make sure you got it! You can watch the video for this mini lesson here

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  1. larry

    I have also seen cercana, I don’t think it is “proper” Spanish. Is it?

    • blancadt

      Hey Larry, thanks for your comment, cercana it is indeed Spanish, it is the female version of cercano 🙂


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