Check your Spanish level I just made a quiz, and I am so looking forward you to try it and tell me what you think

I know I have already posted something today, but I am so excited!I just made a quiz, my first one, and I think it could be really useful for you guys, it is just a simple quiz, to check your Spanish level



you just need to put your name and you email address and ta da!Ready to check, and if you do not get it it will give you the right answer so you can learn.

So I just want to grab your device and get started, there are just 9 questions, it won’t take you even 5 minutes.



I decided to create a quiz as I think is a good way to make the learning of Spanish social, if you all use this as a tool to learn, you are welcome to learn comment and encourage people to answer, you can learn a lot from people who is in your same situation, in this case people who are trying to learn a language.

I made this first one really easy as a test for myself as well…I will post at least once a week, and they will get harder, as I will add more variate not just “check your level of Spanish” it will be about Spanish culture, south america, music etc….so great I discovered that place.

If you are brave enough I would even dare you to try and make your own.

Great way to learn at the same time you enjoy 🙂

Spread the word among your friends and see who the highest score 🙂

Good luck to everyone and I am waiting your feedback 🙂

5 Responses to “Check your Spanish level”

  1. yota


    • blancadt

      You did not get your score yota?It should say at the end how many out of ten you got

  2. Marie

    Loved it!It was so much fun!and….I got a 8 🙂 buzzing! when the next one?

  3. blancadt

    Did you take the test?what was the problem?


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