Christmas in Spain

Spain has a few traditions that I haven’t seen/heard in the UK, that is where I live, so I thought I will give you a quick intro to Christmas in Spain.

I have already written blogs about Christmas, but I though this year I will do it again, and this time I will bring a different perspective too, that is why if you go to my YouTube channel (link below) you could watch my chat with Glenda, an English woman that lives in Spain about Spanish Christmas and her views on some of the most common traditions, such as the Christmas lotto.

Christmas in Spain-the basics

Keep in mind that depending on the region these things may vary.

22nd of December, EL GORDO, Spanish Christmas lotto, this marks the beginning of the holidays, although it is a normal working day

24th of December, NOCHEBUENA, an important day where we have a big dinner with the family. We sing carols, play board games and some go to midnight mass.

25th of December, NAVIDAD, we have lunch with the family following with a long “sobremesa”, board games, and lots of Christmas sweet guaranteed.

Normally, Spaniards don’t open present on Christmas ‘day, although it is becoming more common.

28th of December, LOS INOCENTES, the Spanish equivalent of April’s fools that goes on for the whole day.

31st of December, NOCHEVIEJA, a night mixed with family and friends, normally we have dinner with the family and at 12 o’clock we eat 12 grapes (uvas) one with each bell (campanada) that marks the hour (12.oo) so we can start the new year right, after we go to bars/discos that offer private parties (you need to buy the tickets in advance) called cotillones.

1st of January, AÑO NUEVO if the hangover allows us we normally have a late lunch with family

5th of January, LA NOCHE DE REYES, during the evening, it is normal a big parade where the three wise men greet the children and throw them candy.

6th if January, EL DÍA DE REYES, this is the day where we open the present, have lunch with family and eat “el roscón” de Reyes a special dessert, inside it you can find a little figure and be crowned king or a kind of bean and you will need to buy next year “roscón”.

That is it! A quick run over about Christmas in Spain, before you go and head to watch the video and my chat with Glenda, leave a comment and let me know.

-What of these tradition is the one that surprised you the most?

Also I want to know how do you celebrate Christmas in your country:

-What are the important dates?

-Does your country have a special tradition for these holidays? I hope you enjoyed this quick Spanish Christmas intro, if you did and want to support my work, you can buy me a hot beverage in the following link

To learn more about Spanish Christmas come over and have a look to newest video on my YouTube channel, where you can listen a summary of the important dates in Spanish and the point of view of Glenda, a British woman who has been living in Spain for over 17 years.

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