Comprehension and vocabulary game IV

Listening comprehension and vocabulary are you of the toughest thing for students hat are trying to learn Spanish, that is why in today’s blog we are aiming to work both of them,

This is week is game time again! We have played a couple of times to this game before, and I thought it would be fun to bring it back! As I love games, I hope you too, and in this one you play and you learn, so it is a win-win.

Ok so quick refresher about what is the game all about.

But first let me tell you that will have two options:

  1. A video, that I highly recommend to go and watch:

So… in today’s video I am describing 5 objects  in Spanish and you need to listen and guess what are the words I am describing, does it sound cool? If you are sweating at the moment, do not get stressed! I am giving you some hints 🙂

I love this video as I love games and I think is such a cool game to practice two of the toughest things for Spanish students:  listening and vocabulary, and I hope you love it too, let me know your thoughts below the video or replying to this email, I am always happy to hear from you.

Now …




Let’s play!

2.If you are not that keen on the video or you want to read the description of the words you can do that below, although to find the answers you will need to watch the video and as I said I highly recommend to listen first to the description so you practice your listening skills too, just use this written description as a back up, or to double check something

  1. Es el medio de transporte más rápido. 5 letras

2-Nos sirve para abrir puertas: la de nuestra casa, la del coche… 5 letras, la última es una “e”

3-Se cuelgan en las ventanas como adorno o para aislar de la luz. 8 letras, y contiene una “i”

4-Lugar al que vamos a bañarnos en verano; hay que pagar para entrar. 7 letras, y empieza con la letra “p”.

5-Libro o cuaderno en el que apuntamos, para no olvidarlo, cosas que tenemos que hacer. 6 letras, la segunda es “g”.

I hope you enjoy this video, id you do, please leave a comment and let me know.

Have a fantastic week ahead!

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