Comprensión auditiva-Spanish listening exercise Today’s blog is an active one, as you will need to engage and take action. It is time to practice your comprensión auditiva-Spanish listening exercise.

Most of the time people who are learning a new language, Spanish in this case, have trouble understanding the Spanish native speaker, and that, only have one way to get better, and it is by practicing. That is why I have decided to dedicate today’s blog to practice comprensión auditiva-Spanish listening exercise.


And of course I like to make it fun, as sometimes a listening exercises can be boring, more if it is in a language  that is not your own,  as well I am a bit competitive, so an incentive or challenge always pushes me a little to do better,  that is why you will need to listen carefully to this short audio clip. After I will ask you 3 questions related to the audio and I would love if you could take the time an answer them.  🙂


Comprensión auditiva-Spanish listening exercise



So….what to do and how to get the audio?


Easy, you can listen to the audio here, do not panic! It seems really long but because I like talking, and I introduce the exercise and explain it to you and then I also ask you the questions and give you the answers for them.


Go to the exercise here — > 


So to put things in perspective, in the audio you will listen to me reading a text about “las Islas Galápagos”, then I ask you some multiple choice questions, and after that, now you have the questions I will read the text again, so you know what to look for in order to answer the questions, and finally I will read the questions again and we will check the answers.


I hope you enjoy this exercise as much as I did creating it for you.


Ups! I almost forgot to mention that you can get the transcript for the text (and the questions) in case you want to check here


Once you have the chance to listen, and answer the questions I would love to hear from you, so I would be really grateful if you could leave a comment letting me :


-how did the audio go?


-did you find it easy, difficult, challenging?


-how many times did you listen to it?


-how many questions did you get it right?



Looking forward to reading your comments, they mean the world to me <3


Well amigo, I think I have covered everything for today, so I just gonna leave you to it.



¡Fántastico día!Have a fantastic day!



And remember practice your Spanish, it is the only way to get better 🙂


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