Convert English words to Spanish easily Convert English words to Spanish easily. There are lots, and when I say/write lots, this time I mean it, of English words which you can convert to Spanish easily. But you need one little trick, in this blog you will learn an equivalence to English nouns in Spanish that will improve your vocabulary.

As I said if you know this trick you will be able to find Spanish words easily, and your conversation will sound more natural. The only thing you need is to know the endings of the English nouns, and which endings we need to look for in order to make a small change that will convert the English word to a Spanish word.

In this blog I will you some endings which with you can start playing around.

Spoiler alert! It is easy, but not as easy as adding an “-o” at the end of every word, as many people think, but I don’t need to tell you that, I am pretty sure you already knew that.


Convert English words to Spanish easily

As I said before we need to look at the endings of the English words as there are some endings which have a Spanish equivalent.
Some of these endings and their Spanish equivalents are:


ENGLISH ending

SPANISH ending



-nt -nte  


(the) consonant

(the) elephant

(the) patient

(the) restaurant





(la) consonante

(el) elefante

(el/la) paciente

(el) restaurante



-ist -ista  


(the) artist

(the) dentist

(the) pessimist

(the) pianist





(el/la) artista

(el/la) dentista

(el/la) pesimista

(el/la) pianista



-nce/ncy -ncia  


(the) distance

(the) independence

(the) emergency

(the) delinquency





(la) distancia

(la) independencia

(la) emergencia

(la) delincuencia



-ologist -ólogo  


(the) archaeologist

(the) astrologist

(the) psychologist

(the) dermatologist





(el/la) arqueólogo/a

(el/la) astrólogo/a

(el/la) psicólogo/a

(el/la) dermatólogo/a



-(s)sion -sión  


(the) confusion

(the) passion

(the) occasion

(the) impression





(la) confusión

(la) pasión

(la) ocasión

(la) impresión



-tion -ción  


(the) ambition

(the) solution

(the) station

(the) petition





(la) ambición)

(la) solución

(la) estación

(la) petición



-ction -cción  


(the) pronunciation

(the) action

(the) introduction

(the) infection





(la) pronunciación

(la) acción

(la) introducción

(la )infección



-ty -dad  


(the) capacity

(the) university

(the) adaptability

(the) similarity





(la) capacidad

(la) universidad

(la) adaptabilidad

(la) similaridad



-y -ía/ia  


(the) company

(the) industry

(the) economy

(the) category





(la) compañía

(la) industria

(la) economía

(la) categoría



And that is today’s mini lesson, I hope you enjoyed it and you learned lots of new things, and I hope you have increased your Spanish vocabulary too, and from now every time you speak in Spanish you can find words (at least some) easily.

Now come over to the comments and let me know:

how many new words have you discovered you already know in Spanish following the rule of the endings?

And please if you know someone that could benefit from this blog, share it! Do not keep it to yourself  and help me spread the Spanish word around.

I am waiting for you in the comments.

Have an amazing day and I will write to you soon.

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