Different ways to ask someone to repeat something

Sometimes when we learn something in another language, we stick with it, even if it is not the best way to say/ express it.

And today we are going to talk about one of those structures you probably learned really early in your Spanish learning journey and most likely you still use.

And that is, the way you ask someone to repeat something.

Every time I meet a new Spanish student when they miss something in the conversation, I mean when they don’t understand or they don’t hear clearly they always use the same structure, “¿puedes repetirlo por favor?”

Are you one of those students? There is not shame on that!  “¿puedes repetirlo por favor?” is a perfect sentence and it is right, but…Spanish speakers do not really use it.

Today I have a video for you where you could learn some other different (and more native) ways to ask someone to repeat something.

In this video you will learn different structures and in the different modalities: formal, neutral and colloquial.

Different ways to ask someone to repeat something

I start the video mentioning some sentences you can use (they are not questions) to say you are not getting what the other person is saying, one of them is:

me suena a chino, it sounds Chinese to me 🙂 . Chinese is suppose to be quite a complicated language to learn, so this  is a very common way to say we are not understanding. We can use it not only when we do not understand the words, or we do not hear the person, but when we don’t get the meaning, something is just too complex and we would like a deeper explanation.

To give you a glimpse of what you will learn in today’s video I will leave some of the structures you can find on it:


Probably the most common way in the formal way will be




And this one can be used (depending on the intonation, context etc.)  to express you haven’t hear something, you are surprised or you are angry J -wonders of the Spanish language!



For many English speakers sounds quite rude, but in Spanish is totally normal, to say it.

To learn more ways to ask someone to repeat something come over and have a watch –> https://youtu.be/JLoS6OVRGSE 🙂

As always I hope you enjoy the video and learn something new.

Once you have the chance to watch, as always, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment and let me know:

-did you enjoy this video?

-have you hear any of the structures I use in the video before?

-do you use any of the different ways I mention in the video?

As I always say “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT”, so pick one of the structures you learn today  and leave a comment.

Love reading your comments <3

Have a fantastic day!

Virtual hugs

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