Do you have confianza or confidencia? Confidence, one of my favourite word, en English is so simple and in well!Just need to pick the right one, have you heard about confianza?and confidencia?so what do you have, Do you have confianza or confidencia?

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Here I am one more week. This week I was thinking about false friends, (and I don’t mean people, that they are some out there too), I mean false friend as in language way, you know who are they? I will tell you, false friend are words that they sound and look so similar in both languages, (lets say English and Spanish) but they have different meaning, sometimes sooooo different.

Well that said lets rewind….I was thinking about false friend this week and a great question came to me…what about this two words “confianza”and “confidencia” that even in Spanish could look similar, but if we think in English is a bit different, let ask this question, do you have confianza or confidencia? .

Because tell me, how do you say “confidence” in Spanish? Confianza?Or it might be confidencia?

Do you have confianza or confidencia?

“Confidence”is a big beautiful word, so we all should have it clear in all the languages.
In English we say “confidence”in Spanish…well…just depends (that most of the things in life, and specially in Spanish) but WATCH OUT todays words because they have different meaning.


Confianza we use this one when

1-we talk about trust or believe in ourselves or someone else


2-we used as well when we describe someone self-assurared and secure in themshelves, what they do, what they say, how they act.


-“Cada día tengo más confianza hablando en español”- everyday I have more conficence speaking in Spanish.


-“La empresa no va muy bien ahora mismo, pero los directores tienen confianza en que mejorará”-The company is not doing really well at the moment, but the directors have confidence it will get better.


-“Me da mucha envidia Vanesa, ella siempre actúa con mucha confianza”- I feel really jealous of Vanesa, she always acts with so much confidence.


Yeah?Pretty easy isn’t it?Let’ s have a look to our other word.


Confidencia, which is a word we use to talk regarding secrets or confidential information.


-“Cuando mi hermana y yo eramos pequeñas y no podíamos dormir nos contábamos confidencias”-When my sister and I were kids and we could not fall sleep we exchanged confidences.

-“No le hagas confidencias a Laura, no sabe guarder secretos”- Don’ t share confidences with Laura, she does not know to keep secrets.

-“Sabía que se iba a mudar a Argentina, porque me lo contó como una confidencia”- I knew he was moving to Argentina, as he told me in confidence.


So to wrap everything out…

We use confianza in Spanish when we talk about attitude or believe, and  confidencia when we talk about secrets.



Ta-daaah (tachán! In Spanish) That is my post today short but important, I hope you enjoyed and learned something new.  Now…your…


I am tired to tell you (and you probably will be even more tired to read it) PRACTICE, it is the only way to improve, but on top of that today I will love you if you could spread the word!Did you enjoy this post?Share it with someone that can take advantage from it, using it for get better.

Have a great day  and talk you soon

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