Don’t say this in Spanish.

Today I am talking about two common errors Spanish students make.

Today’s blog is going to be quite short and straight forward, today I am going to tell you about two common mistakes Spanish students make, most of the time influenced by English.

Before you start reading, have a thought about the most common errors you normally do. The two mistakes I am taking about today probably are not one of them you are thinking, why? They are no the typical you will find in books, curious to know which one are they?

Let’s dive in then!

Don’t say this in Spanish

I will first tell you the English equivalent and then I want you to think (before seeing the right option) how would you say it in Spanish, deal?


Not so much IT IS NOT, no tan mucho, we don’t say that in Spanish instead we say no tanto.


Is you want to say last week I studied Spanish a lot, this week….not so muchLa semana pasada estudié mucho español, esta semana….no tanto.

And if we want to compare something and use the not as much as in English in Spanish we just add como afterwards, so it will be no tanto como.


If I asked you do you think the subjunctive in Spanish is difficult?¿Piensas que el subjuntivo en español es difícil?

You could say not as much as I though-No tanto como había pensado.


Again opposite of what you might thing IT IS NOT nada mucho, we never say that in Spanish, it does not sound natural at all, instead we use no mucho.

Example, if I asked you, what have you done this week? ¿Qué has hecho esta semana?

And you have not done much and want to answer nothing muco, you will just say no mucho in Spanish.

And that is it, I told you today’s blog would be short and sweet.

You know I am always looking forward to hearing from you, so leave a comment below:

1-telling me whether you have made these mistakes before or not and

2- writing a sentence with one of the correct forms we have learn in the blog.

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